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Flying Zachinnis Leather Belt

Flying Zachinnis Leather Belt

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Don’t Waste Your Waist

Instead of fastening a flimsy strap around your waist, buckle in with a real piece of leather that doesn’t hide behind your belt loops. A thick, sturdy belt with an entirely unique style, the Flying Zacchinis Big Jo Leather Belt stands out as a boldly built accessory and elevates any outfit you pair it with.

Flying Zachinnis Leather Belt

Thick as Thieves

Beginning with top grain cowhide leather, the belt measures a hearty 1.77 in wide and 0.24 in thick to fill up your belt loops and provide a satisfying heft. From there, a white, hand-stitched wave pattern runs through the body for a subtle distinguishing mark. The wave ends at the buckle, where overlapping white stitches provide a formidable clasp to keep the hardware in place.

Flying Zachinnis Leather Belt

Style Squared

Speaking of hardware, the large buckle is made of brass and has rounded off corners for a instantly distinct look. On the other side, the belt notches eschew standard circles for squares, giving you yet another unique aspect. Styled like nothing else, solid enough to hold steady, and handcrafted for maximum quality, the Flying Zacchinis Big Jo Leather Belt transcends accessory status to become a full blown main feature. On this drop, you have the choice of a Brown or Black belt.

Flying Zachinnis Leather Belt


  • Top grain cowhide leather
  • Full hand-stitched wave pattern
  • Unique brass buckle
  • Thickness- 0.24 in (6.2 mm)
  • Width- 1.77 in (45 mm)
  • Length (S)- 35.04 in (89 cm)
  • Length (M)- 37.99 in (96.5 cm)
  • Length (L)- 40.94 in (104 cm)
  • Length (XL)- 43.90 in (111.5 cm)
  • Final sale


  • Gray travel bag


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Estimated ship date is May 8, 2014 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.

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