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Force Audio Twin Bluetooth IEMs

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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

So, I’m looking for some budget earbuds and I stumbled upon these... would anyone that have them recommend them to me? (If you leave kinda like an overview or a review it would be greatly aprecciated)
Ship it to india plz
@ForceAudio why aren't you selling outside US?
Why no international shipping? 😭😭
What codecs does this support? Thanks in advance.
Bluetooth is BT4.2,but support Sir and Google assistance
yes! support siri.
Cant seem to find these anywhere online--does anyone have the link to their site ?
That domain comes up with a placeholder page when I try to view it. Definitely does not inspire confidence in this drop or the manufacturer.

Tal From Dekoni here. I got a pair of these and went ahead and measured them on my rig. Check out the graph. It's not bad and they sound remarkably smooth. The low end is not huge but it's solid and the high end is nice with a good, sweet air to it. I recommend you give it a try!

Any thoughts on this? Anyone use it yet?
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Just got a pair. For the drop price a great deal. Very clear clean sound with adequate bass.
Awesome thanks for the help everyone. I'll look out for these
i had wired version with similar driver. (same shape) i don't know about this brand but one that i bought.... was horrible.
Official store sells them at the price $79.99. Not a good deal.
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price change
He's saying that the official store is "selling" this model for more than they are selling them for here. It's a price tactic aimed to improve perceived benefit of buying them at Massdrop, instead of forceaudio. In reality, they were probably never worth more than $20.
I’m not familiar with the brand or model and can’t find any reviews. Would anyone be able to comment on these? Looking for a decent sounding iem for working out at home so that my wife doesn’t divorce me. I am accustomed to higher end sound and not expecting super high end audiophidelity, but it has to be better than the commercial stuff that’s out there like BEATS and Bose and so on.
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what makes it that, though; by not being mainstream or mass-produced?
I’m perfectly fine with a main stream or mass produced IEM. That’s not an important variable at all.
What's the bluetooth version?