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ForeverSpin Copper Spinning Top

ForeverSpin Copper Spinning Top

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Spinning Top

If you saw a top that spun forever, you’d probably think you were dreaming. Spin away into reality with the ForeverSpin Copper Spinning Top, a durable and elegant trinket inspired by your wildest dreams. Whether you want a new desk distraction, a dream-inspiring toy, or simply an elegantly beautiful object, spice up your desk with a durable spinning top. Now available in a copper construction, the ForeverSpin Top features as much fashion as endless function. For more information, head here.

ForeverSpin Copper Spinning Top


Sporting a design dating back to 3000 B.C.E., the ForeverSpin draws inspiration from the terra cotta ceramic spinners found in Troy. CNC-machined from one solid piece of copper for precision and quality, the perfectly balanced ForeverSpin boasts an elegant and timeless design that can be passed down to future generations. To ensure that the top lives up to its reputation for quality and precision, every world famous spinning top is checked for perfect balance and carries a serial number to show its unique origin.

ForeverSpin Copper Spinning Top

Spin Doctor

To round out your collection, you can add the ForeverBase to your order, a solid stainless steel platform for your new toys. Made of solid stainless steel and micro-polished, the concave surface provides an ideal balance for your tops that lets them reach their eternally spinning potential.

ForeverSpin Copper Spinning Top

Manufacturing Process


  • ForeverSpin
  • CNC-machined from one solid piece of Copper
  • Made in Canada
  • Serial number for each top
  • 0.75 oz (21.4g)
  • ForeverSpin 1.0 Design


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Estimated ship date is Feb 5, 2015 PT.

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