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ForeverSpin Titanium Top & Spin Base

ForeverSpin Titanium Top & Spin Base

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The titanium ForeverSpin is too light. It does not spin easily or well compared to other tops or heavier ForeverSpin tops. I like having titanium everything, but I'm sorry to say the spin is just not satisfying.
Okay, who are the 4 basement dwellers that actually bought this? Why not give to St. Jude or Wounded Warriors, this is just ridiculous.
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Can you submit your itinerary and budget for the past year so we can vet your purchases and activities for optimal social value? I mean yeah sure, privacy -- but the social benefit of dozens of us being able to model our lives after yours would almost certainly outweigh your own selfish personal comfort. Agreed?
Whatever you say guy that spends $75 on a top. You attempt at being clever is meh and doesn't even make sense. Good effort though, you get a participation trophy! You little boys now days are used to that. Remember to flush your Mama's toilet too and don't leave her lights in the basement on.
What a totally useless desk accessory.
Then why do I want one???

It must be pure evil...
Have you ever had one? Take it for a spin, my friend.

Can we have an option for just a base? I got tops from the last buy and don’t really want more, just the base!
I'll definitely check with Forever Spin to see if a spin base drop would be possible. Thanks for the comment!

The ForeverSpin people have horrible customer service. I have a top and base and my top ground chips into my base. Contacted ForeverSpin and they basically said sucks to be you.
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Purchased this through MassDrop two years ago, it took less than a few months of regular use for this to happen. I stopped using both it and the top after about 6 months. Now I just use a concave piece of plain glass with the rest of my tops and nothing like that has happened to the regular glass.
Totally. And that's exactly my point. The picture that you have there doesn't look like the properly tempered glass. I guess I'm just frustrated you had that experience. Sorry about that, my friend.
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