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Fostex TH500RP Planar Magnetic Headphones

Fostex TH500RP Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Well, I was too cheap to buy them on here, and I still wouldn't pay Massdrop's price for these, but I did pick up a nearly new pair for $225 and I am glad I did -- definitely sound better, more refined, more open, and far, far more comfortable -- than my T20RP MK3. Oh, and they're much better looking. Just my 2 cents. :) They are rather "soft"-sounding, there's definitely very little sizzle up top (like the T50RP MK3 which I also have), the sound stage is smaller than the HE-500 for certain. They are great easy-listening cans, very clean-sounding, no distortion.
This is soooo sad... they are obviously overpriced for the market given that there are ZERO purchases in this drop and only 13 hours left. I actually almost snapped up a used pair of these on Head-Fi classifieds a few months ago for a little over $200... I still would be interested in these at $250, but not at twice that, and it looks like I'm not alone! :D
People should understand that these are essentially a T50RP mod. Nothing wrong with that, in principle. However, they are bested by basically any other T50RP mod, most of which are also much cheaper. Instead of buying this one, look into Cascadia, Mod House, ZMF, MrSpeakers, Mayflower, Dekoni to start with.
I would recommend the Modhouse Argon. By far the best value.
Add Massdrop Fostex T-X0 to the list. Great value
is it "rp" like herpes? nobody touching this one?
rip still nobody has joined the drop
Consider these things had a bit of a rough start and were regularly available around the 280-300 pricepoint I don't see this doing well (selling now in the 350 range if you look hard enough). The market price has increased on them over the last year or so but I still couldn't see this as a deal.
So, yeah. These cans almost fall into the want category. Nice looks and great drivers. I mean, heck, I almost clicked the join button....

Then I saw that they didn't have a detachable cable. Instant NOPE on a $499.99 set of cans. So sad.
Awesome deal. Got two
I like this headphone, but not at $500. AT $500 there's a ton of headphones that are better.
Why did Massdrop even bother when literally only SIX people voted for these on the poll?

and to add insult to injury, I could buy these headphones for $350 NEW on eBay with a 30 day money back guarantee
Shipping is limited to the US only, and yet somehow I don't think we're going to be bombarded with the usual whining complaints. I get that they're not a contender for greatest headphone of all time, but are these really as bad as some of the comments suggest?
They aren't as bad as people suggest, in fact, they're actually kinda listenable after 150 HOURS OF BURN-IN. However, nobody wants to burn in headphones, and there are several other deals, such as the Hifiman Sundara (which is built like crap but sounds pretty decent), the ZMF Blackwood for $100 more, and the ZMF classic with balanced jacks+carrying case for $100 LESS (both of the ZMFs are T50rp mods,which the Th500rp is based on). I have owned every one of these headphones except the ZMF classic, but I would assume that it would be a worse ZMF Blackwood, which is a phenomenal headphone. Heres a word of warning: don't BUY THIS HEADPHONE
I passed up a deal on these at $180 new. They weren't worth that price either. At $500, you got to be out of your damn mind to buy these.
this is the worst deal ever. They sound good after 150 hours of burn-in, but who wants to burn in their headphones for that long. My stax sounded great after around 20 hours. You can get these for around $300 on ebay and USaudiomart
You can get this in ebay and Reverb for $350.
I was mortified when I bought these new for half this price, and stopped paying attention to Steve Guttenberg reviews because of it.

No treble detail, no bass extension, dry mids - I cannot fathom someone buying this instead of the Sennheiser HD series off Massdrop twice over.

It's a T50RP driver on a TH-600 headband in perforated metal ear cups.
I agree that these are bad for most people. I bought them for $600. I tried doing some mods and also ear pad swaps. I returned them.
Yet more questions from people willing (?) to plunk down five hundred clams based on the answers and comments of others? Sorry no listen, no buy! Mail order brides are a sure thing, but mail order Audio is too if-y for me!