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FOX Knives Trekking Axe 682M

FOX Knives Trekking Axe 682M

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I was merely following the drop and had hit the remind me button and massdrop just charged me for this overpriced ax!! I'm pretty ticked off. I was merely curious to see if enough people joined the drop to make this happen.
Strange design... never seen anything like it. The flat blade would probably make it a good chopper, but I'm guessing it would be terrible at splitting. In terms of durability, I suppose if you understand it's limitations and don't try to do too much with it, it would be fine. Might make a solid addition to a bugout bag as a fire prep / wood processing tool, particularly due to its weight. But I don't know if I would want to trust my life to it. And handle replacement might be a challenge. I'll just stick with my small machete.
From the Fox Knives website for the 682M Trekking Axe: Blade stainless steel 1.4116 Hardness HRC 56-58 Handle sassafrass wood Blade length        14 cm     5.51 ” Overall length       35 cm    13.77 ” Thickness         3,5 mm    0.14 ” Weight            440 g     15.52 oz According to Amazon the Fox Knives 682/M Trekking 09FX005 Axe:
  • Blade head is composed of Sandvik 12C27 high-grade steel for maximum durability.
  • Handle is made of sassafras wood
  • Blade-length: 5.5 inches. Total length: 13.8 inches. Weight: 13.8 ounces
-------------------------------------------------- 56-58 HRC seems about right or maybe a little hard for an axe. Much will depend on the shape of the axe head and what kind of grind it has to say how tough/brittle (totally different than hardness) it is. Axes are supposed to be relatively blunt, for lack of a better word, compared to a knife blade if you intend to chop with them. It's not a knife on the end of a stick and it shouldn't be at such an angle as to make it "hair-popping" sharp if you want to do any real work with it.

'ats not an axe, this is an axe!


Very aesthetically pleasing piece, but not necessary or advisable to put up with mystery "stainless" steel at this price point
This looks like a balloon axe you win at the Fair.
I'm going to buy three and learn to juggle!
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Was about to say, I've been waiting 6 months for you to post that video you promised, but I see the link now 🤣
Now you know what they mean when they say: "Not ready for Prime Time"!
Might be good as an Ulu if you remove the handle! Then again not at that price. Get a real hatchet.
I don't know a whole lot about axes and hatchets....but I'm wondering if this is just marketing to the wrong crowd? I agree it doesn't look like it'll do much heavy chopping, but how about as a small hatchet for carvers? Splitting small pieces, rough stock removal?
I've seen similar looking ones marketed for that going for more than this, but I don't know the specifics of what makes one good for that or not.
Just a thought.
Morakniv makes an axe, that makes these axes obsolete. Pick up a morakniv axe, for light chopping or heavy cutting it's all you will ever need.
Hmmmm.... Plastic handle with multiple reviewers stating the handle is chipping away where it joins the head? No thanks, not a risk I'm eager to take
If you want good looks and outstanding performance go for the Granfors Bruks. It will last a lifetime and your grandkids will love the heirloom down the line 😄
Honestly, this is what we refer to as a "kindling axe" here in Western New England. If you reside in a home that is exclusively wood stove heated, these are super handy! Makes great starter wood/ kindling QUICK, once you gain a feel for it.
That being said.... wood splitting?? You must be mad! This is not a very hearty blade- it's not what it's designed for. Just my .02$
Same price online.
I honestly like the aesthetics, but I can't see any reasonable use for this. Maybe cutting down exceptionally small trees. It doesn't have the heft for splitting logs or cutting larger trees.
In all honesty I get a "self-defense axe" vibe from it.
How do they get the handle on this thing????
Looks like the axe head might be two pieces, not super sure:
You're right the axe head appears to be two pieces welded together. My first thought is, EWH. This is what happens when people want form over function.
Been looking for a good reliable axe for chopping up firewood for years to come. Does anyone have experience with this one, recommendations, etc?
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Yes, I guess it depends a bit too on the intended target. I'm from coastal BC and firewood for us is mostly 'softwood' - red cedar, doug fir, alder etc., none of which is terribly hard on axe blades.
I bought this for my wife from A. G Russell an couple of years ago. This is a great camp axe. It is very light and very sharp. The handle shape is very comfortable and the swell at the end keeps it in your hand.You won't fell trees or split wood with it, but for kindling and tasks around the camp as well as food preparation, this is the ticket. This was the price I paid 2 years ago, so it is not bad. I have been wanting another one. The only other place I have seen these beside the company website is A .G. Russell. It was listed as a Roman axe. styled after the one Roman soldiers carried. Probably will join this one.