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Franklin-Christoph Firma-Flex Journal (3-Pack)

Franklin-Christoph Firma-Flex Journal (3-Pack)

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Franklin-Christoph has a good reputation in the fountain pen world. Unfortunately these notebooks do nothing to reinforce that reputation. The paper is poorly cut and too porous for fountain pen use. The binding is sub standard, and all three of my notebooks have separation of the pages from the cover at the binding after only a few pages of writing. There seems to be almost no adhesive between the cover liner and the cover. Many pages are stuck together because of poor edge cuts. I would guess that these are a rebrand of some overseas supplier who also sells “premium” notebooks on Amazon with funny names that no one ever heard of. AVOID!!!
Received mine last week (dot grid). Nice paper, amazing binding, so-so printing (dots are a little darker than I Like). My main issue is that one of the journals was clearly the result of an erroneous print job. There are about 40 sheets that have a strange crease in them, and the dots are essentially blurred on all of these sheets. I already started to use this but feel like I should be sent a replacement.
I received mine yesterday, but one of the books was non-ruled (I ordered all three ruled). What is the process for exchanging?
I just got the notice that the drop is complete, and they charged my account. That's the good news.

The notice says I can expect shipment "by March 26th." That's the horrible news. Why does it take more than six weeks to package up and ship a product, especially when I'm paying a premium price for the shipment? Sadly, I now remember why I don't spend much with Massdrop.

Live and learn.
So many options sold out! Why bother sending me an email about this drop when there’s nothing left?
Argh...dots sold out...I'll hope for another time...
Can you tell me how much shipping is?
Thank you.
If you click on "Join Drop" it checks how much it cost to ship to your country automaticly. It's on the right side of the page with in total value.
I've bought this drop twice and would again if it comes up. The price is easily competitive with other major notebook makers and the paper is superior to most in terms of being very 'fountain pen friendly' and they are hardcover, which is preferable to some of the other A5 sized competition. The slight tint is different from the cream color of some other papers but it is not very noticable, if at all, in the more recent journals I've gotten from FC. Two thumbs way up.
Got mine today, they're beautiful!
Drats, missed out on the dot grid.
Didn't know they had a limited number of the different styles. Next time, I guess.
Tried these a few years ago. Was impressed with how good they looked and felt, but the paper was lackluster for many of my fountain pen inks: so much feathering! It seems to be uncoated.

I've since moved to Apica Premium CD, which is a happy medium between drying time and Rhodia R anti-feathering.
Where are these made?
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That is so awesome! Now I must have some.... thank you.
Ahh! Sold out! I guess I will need to wait for the next drop.
When I read here about the purple tint, I looked at my books, and sure enough--it's there. I guess I thought it was one of those "easy on the eyes" things. At any rate, I have found this paper particularly easy to write on, and I have yet to encounter a single instance of the ink bleeding through to the other side, and that's always my first criterion. I have to acknowledge that the paper is somewhat toothy, and this has been my experience with a couple of Franklin-Christopher pens, a Pelikan M600, a Lamy Studio, and a Lamy 2000. Perhaps that's linked to the overall performance issues of the paper. At any rate, this is a great price, and my only issue right now is whether to order one or two drops.
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I will not be as harsh as MeanEYE in my characterization. I did not say that I do not enjoy them. Clearly, I do, since I own several and am debating whether to order one or two drops. As to the paper being toothy, that's my opinion, and I didn't mention it in a bad way. I enjoy a paper that grips the nib in a certain way. Clearly I don't experience that with other papers, e.g., Rhodia or Clairefontaine, which, as you so correctly noted, are a bit slick to the touch, and that is what I meant when I described this paper as "toothy," so perhaps we mean the same thing. As to how many pens I own, that's really my business. If I run a close second to Stephen Brown, well, perhaps I enjoy the acquisition of fountain pens, and especially, writing with them. How many pens does anyone need? I could deliver my basic fountain pen lecture, but this isn't the place for it. Oh, and BTW, last week I added a Streseman M800 and a Cult Pens Mini. Be still, my heart! As for requiring the services of a nibmeister, well, I do employ the services of more than one, Masuyama among them. My nibs are in fine shape, thank you for your concern.

SmithRay: As to where the paper is made, I can't say. As noted, it's made from sugar cane to their proprietary formula, and so it feels a bit different than conventional papers, and that may be why I like it so much. The company is located in North Carolina, so you might phone and ask. They're quite friendly and are more than willing to discuss their products and services with you.
Technology entices many people with some degree of mental illness believing they too comprehend the skills needed to communicate before first comprehending what was written and they have the skill and ability to respond accordingly. Simply, stated how I felt, my opinions of why I enjoy the journals. Simply, I was saying how their paper content differs from both Rhodia and Clairefontaine. Simply, it was a suggestion that as I understood the pens you own by your own admission do not seem to be perfect, a Nibmeister skills was suggested. I did not in anyway make any affront to your pens or you.

The owning of fountain pens apparently does not lend itself to the control of one's ability to comprehend what was meant versus what you read apparently and obviously failed to actually comprehend. I don't follow Stephen Brown, he must be YOUR God of pens. He is not mine, as I have my own sense of why, what and when I collect what I enjoy. I have been doing so for many, many years no doubt before your Stephen Brown. In a few words, good for you that you follow him. Dropping names of what pens you own or purchase may do something for you, but it does not impress me one bit. As someone who owns a Marcel Proust, Medici, M800 Green Demonstrator, Omas Ogiva Alba, M800 red/black striation, for instance and other high end collectibles, what you buy has no bearing nor offers any impressions. I am a long time pen collector and this is not the forum to compare, pull out and brag about fountain pens owned. Too juvenile.

As for Franklin-Christoph I know full well they are located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This discussion has morphed into becoming beyond ridiculous. Nothing written was meant to offend and if by chance it did the ownership belongs not to me at all. Even those who profess to own fountain pens are not above suffering some ego issues owning writing instruments can not address or apparently mend in others. For instance, your inability to comprehend my responses is purely personal and nothing whatsoever to do with what was written or meant on my part. The drop has become an even better deal, I am going to go ahead and place mine before it ends. Since I own the leather notebook cover, I think having several more for when my most current one runs out in a few days would be great to anticipate.
Moving on now, don't bother to follow. There is really nothing else to this discussion warranting any further communication between us.
I don't find these very fountain pen friendly and I use fine-width Japanese nibs. However, they are lovely otherwise. I ordered mine directly from FC and I haven't had any of the quality control issues mentioned by others. I agree about the paper tint -it isn't for everyone.