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Frédérique Constant Slim Line Automatic Watch

Frédérique Constant Slim Line Automatic Watch

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According to Frederique Constant's website it should be 11.7mm thick:

Still a bit chunky to be called a Slim Line watch. But better.
Price for the drop seems very good and it's an in-house movement. There's no pics here but it's a nicely decorated movement (always hate getting a display back to a plain ugly movement - looking at you Seiko).

All in all, it's a nice watch. If it was 38mm or even 40mm I'd be on board. But 42mm is just way too big for a dress watch for me. Shame.
I'm pretty sure this specific model is under 10mm thick. 42mm is too big for a dress watch. Looks like you've got an appetizer plate strapped to your wrist.
This is a beauty. Like it or not, it is. Specially for those who love minimalist design. Great value. I’m in.
Frédérique Constant watches are just not that nice for a premium watch. BTW “rose gold tone” stainless (essentially fake gold) is an absolute non-starter.
Dat in house movement doe:
" Turn it around and you can see the movement in action"
@Massdrop, great, now show us a photo for your description.

Also please double check that thickness value... 13mm is not even close to "Slim Line". It really should be less than 10mm thick, even at a 42mm diameter to such a description.
It's not slim cause it's not using a 2892 which they use on their other slimline watches (they go down to 9mm I believe). It is an in house movement though, which is actually unheard of for the price they are selling for.
Not sure if the 13mm is accurate, but I have one of their slim line autos with this same case and it's the slimmest wearing watch I have. The back is very soft and round and saucer like. The edges are quite thin. I have a large Swiss collection and the fc slim is by far the one which sits flattest on my wrist.
I actually find it looks odd at first since it's so flat compared my my sport watches.
It probably is 13mm cause it's using an in house movement. Their other slim watches are much slimmer but use the extremely slim 2892 sometimes with second hand removed to make it slimmer. An in house movement is an fairly prestigious feature in a Swiss watch.
Wallis, Duchess of Windsor, famously quipped that "You can never be too rich or too thin." As her bon mot applies to this lovely watch, FC got it half right.

This is a decent watch, price wise, although for patrons of Massdrop, I'm sure it's moving up into the heady atmosphere of Richlandia. But this little piggy is rather chunky. Thirteen millimeters? How does that even begin to be slim? No. No. My Omega AT 8500 is only a smidge thicker than this supposed dress watch, which is also a rather wide 42mm for what is, I repeat, supposedly a dress watch.

I like the dial, the hands, the strap, the movement, and I can abide the calendar (although I'd prefer no calendar for a dress application), but 42mm wide and 13mm thick? No. No.

Fair price, though, for FC, but I think that they're trying to clear some NOS now that Frisbee-sized timepieces--at least in the dress watch realm--are trending down.

I agree with the above comments. Save some money, and buy something more in line with what you want in this venue: Hamilton Thinline or Intramatic, if you want to go Swiss, or Orient or Seiko, if you want to spend less.

But I do like the looks of the thing.

Side note: why are some of the pics rather low-resolution? Doesn't add up. If you wish to move these items, provide plenty of good pics.

Happy 4/20!
Yeah. A ”slim” watch, with crappy pics and no real side view. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Seriously. My Hamilton doesn’t have slim anywhere in its name and it’s 9.5mm
13mm slim?
Too big of a watch for the style. Too expensive imo. One can get a decent highly reliable, accurate and functional Orient Bambino(many variants to choose from btw) with an in-house movement as well for a mere fraction of this piece. Pass on this one for sure.
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Apples and Oranges
If a Rolls-Royce were sold as a fuel efficient vehicle, I would quip that a Corolla is a better bet. This 13mm watch is not slim, so why name it that? Perhaps the best comparison is the silver mist. It might be good but it sounds like shit.

$1029 here so this drop is OK but not outstanding.
I love seeing Frédérique Constant on here, but not sure how they consider this size "slim line."
Nice to see a manufacture caliber in this price point! Too bad the watch is a tad too large for my hand.
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