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Free Motion Rulerwork Bundle

Free Motion Rulerwork Bundle

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An Introduction to Rulerworking

Whether you’re new to quilting or just looking for new inspiration, this rulerwork book bundle gives you tips and tools to craft stunning quilts on longarm and domestic sewing machines. The bundle includes a circle ruler set (four circular rulers in either 3- or 5-millimeter sizes), plus a pack of self-adhesive stable tape for keeping templates in place and a copy of Amanda Murphy’s Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book. The 192-page softcover book details how to lay foundations for quilts and how to use rulers of all shapes and sizes, and provides 59 unique rulerwork outlines. The book also includes ideas for filling in background space while free-motion quilting.

Note: This drop is for one circle ruler set (3mm or 5mm), one package of stable tape, and the Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book. At checkout, you can add a ruler foot for medium shank machines (+ $12).

Free Motion Rulerwork Bundle

Circle Ruler Set

Free Motion Rulerwork Bundle
Free Motion Rulerwork Bundle

Stable Tape

Ruler Work Quilting Idea Book

Free Motion Rulerwork Bundle

How to Measure Ruler Foot Size

Attach the Generic Ruler Foot (GRF) to your machine by removing the screw and placing your foot on the shank. Adjust it by placing a quilt sandwich under the foot and check that the fabric moves freely under the foot. Once in place, tighten the screw firmly. Position the needle in the center. You cannot lower the needle when the foot is raised. The pink generic ruler foot is designed to work with 3mm rulers that are thin enough to pass behind the GRF, so you can make your figures with the ruler, while the blue generic ruler foot is designed to work with 5mm rulers.

Optional Ruler Foot (+ $12)

Pink - Medium

Shank Sizing Guide

Free Motion Rulerwork Bundle


Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book

  • By Amanda Murphy
  • 192 color pages
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 in (21.59 x 27.94 cm)

Circular Ruler Set

  • 4 circular rulers
  • 3mm set: Low and high shank compatible
  • 5mm set: Bernina, long arm, high shank compatible

Stable Tape

  • 5 self-adhesive strips

Optional Foot Ruler

  • 3 foot rulers
  • For medium-shank machines
  • Ruler thickness: 0.18 in (0.4 cm) 


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