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Guys dont buy these, they are a ripoff and the quality is absolute shit.
All you gotta do is look at the price. If it’s on Massdrop with that big a discount. It’s more than likely crap someone’s trying to dump.
How do these fit for small ears. My Jaybird X2s are too big and the only earbuds that fit me are the Panasonic Ergofit w/ small eartips
I got mine monday but i wasnt able to do anything with them until today, but i found out mine came dead on arrival. how nice.
I think I was just saved by borders today. I was about to buy these but they won't ship to Canada (I rejoin Massdrop after two years where I left because nothing would ship to me and the first thing I try to buy now won't ship to me now...) So I check the discussion and find that these are actually not that good. I guess I was just saved from a bad purchase. Though i really like the space look.
Thanks to everyone who commented on how mediocre these are, I feel better about not being able to buy them.
You're definitely not worth 100, but, are they good $20 Bluetooth buds?
Worst purchase I've made with Massdrop. I hope they stop selling this product. Battery life is no where near the claim. Sound range is terrible. Sound quality is just ok. I gave them away.
The title says "wireless", pictures show long wires. What else is a lie? Obvious scam.
Wireless in the sense that they dont have to connect to anything except through bluetooth. The small wire makes sure the earphones stay together and ensures theres decent sound on both sides. The circular piece on on the wire allows you to cinch them up to keep them tight around you.
I just received my headphones Monday. I bought 2 pairs for the wife and I. I think they feel great, and sound good. However, is anyone hearing a digital sounding buzz in one of the headphones? I can particularly hear it when I'm connected to a device with no or low sound being played. It's not so bad when sound is playing, but still not that great. It happens to both pairs I bought regardless of what device I'm connected to. Does anyone else notice this?
I got a pair last time and I was pretty disappointed. The magnet was super weak and they would turn on all the time, so I was constantly charging them or I would go to use them only to find out they were dead. Just want to let people know some of the issues I've experienced with this drop.
Lmao...99 CAD is the MSRP for these? Geezuz... Ultra is TMart's TLife V8 Pro rebranded and updated slightly (battery life mainly from the looks of it). 18 bucks is about all they're worth, and that's pushing it. The magnetic on/off feature is an absolute nightmare and the build quality is questionable. Everything else is decent though.

All prices on Massdrop are USD, so that would be about $130 CAD.
Yeah, CAD conversions are terrible right now. :(
You lost me at "As seen on Good Morning America"

I have a previous model of the Pro, and it appears in the pictures the plastic used has changed (or at least darkened) and you've made them a tad skinnier. I have a few questions if this is the case:
1. Is this due to feedback from previous reviews?
2. Does the Ultra have this same style? The pictures on the drop do not show the Ultra in more than a face-front image.
3. Has the magnet quality from the Ultra also been added to the Pro, and if not, why? There have been numerous reviews about the strength of the magnets, as they are the only way to turn the headphones On/Off.
I'd also like to remark that I am quite pleased with these as a quick go-to wireless bud. They work great, sound fair (for a 15 dollar bud) and I like the wireless-but-wired feature for a neck wrap-around.
I haven't really had a problem with the magnets on my Pro's, unless I'm using gloves or they go into my wife's purse (which also unscrews lotions and opens vitamins).

For what I paid, they work great.
I've committed to the ultra price too, because why not give these guys some more feedback and a chance? I think they're quality is improving and, with more feedback, their already decent quality will improve.
I can't recommend these bad boys. I bought them (Pro version) on the last drop and I have found the bluetooth to be very weak and my pair has wild swings in volume at random intervals. Build quality is worse then those unbranded $4.99 buds at the grocery store checkout isle. Just like everyone else in the thread has already confirmed, the magnetic on/off switch makes for a very poor user experience when it comes to battery life and carrying. around in a bag.
Seems like whenever MD has a really awesome looking deal on something, you can often expect it to be some crap that a company is trying to dump?
I have a differently branded pair of what is obviously the same design. Let me just say, the magnetic 'trigger' for turning these on and off is a complete deal breaker. You can not put these in your pocket and expect them to be charged when you take them back out. (The battery life also sucks) Avoid these unless they are meant to stay in one location.