G-Story 17" 120Hz FreeSync Portable Gaming Monitorsearch

G-Story 17" 120Hz FreeSync Portable Gaming Monitor

G-Story 17" 120Hz FreeSync Portable Gaming Monitor

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Good luck getting any kind of after-sales service or having any sort of warranty honored if anything goes wrong with the thing. They're ignoring us already and they don't even have our money yet!
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I just mean that the description is sorely lacking, and it's the exact same description and lack of information every site it's on (Amazon, Ebay, g-story.com.cn ) So far I've received no responses to any questions on Amazon or here, but have yet to try their website in China. The function of the ports is totally unclear and we have no idea what we are buying, basically. Since I am not getting any responses, I can only assume that if we were trying to get a response for a warranty claim, we could expect even less eagerness to reply and we'll be left with a $300 17" paperweight and a sour taste in our mouths.
Thank you for your response! I am sorry to hear this. Can The Company G-Story get on this and inform us about this (if you actually cover your products correctly); if not, your are loosing yet another customer. Regards
This looks awesome for a small form factor set up. Right around the time I was thinking of making one too, hmmmm...
From the looks of it, they don't really care about if they have my business or not. Guess I'll take my money elsewhere.
@theGStory Four questions: 1) Is the actual screen display size 17", or is that the frame size of the monitor itself? 2) Can the USB-C connection be used to power the device as well as transfer the display data at the same time, eliminating the need for multiple cables? 3) Is shipping included for Canada as well, or is that exclusively to the US? 4) If so, what is the estimated shipping time? Thanks in advance.
I really wish there was a UHD or even QHD option for these portable monitors. I need one to pair up with a MacBook Pro 2018 since I travel alot and would use it for programming. Does anyone know of a good - high quality portable monitor that goes beyond 1080p? Thanks!
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no HDMI on the ZenScreen.
so dumb. dual screen on the go for your laptop. switch/xbox/ps4 on the go. so yes, you are so dumb.
Hey Massdrop why no picture of the connections side. Your show the blank side but not the inportant side
Here you go...

Is this a VA panel? 3000:1 contrast seems to suggest so. But there aren't many VA panels that can do 1ms response time. Seems fishy.
we confess... it's a TN panel!
does it come with any kind of case or cover to prevent the screen from getting scratched?
Yes it does.

These specs are wrong. They claim to be 1ms with 178 viewing angles and 3000:1 contrast ratio. 1ms is only for TN panels. A TN panel with 178 viewing angles and 3000:1 contrast ratio doesnt exist. Ips panels have 178 but dont have 3000:1. Only Va panels have contrast ratio like 3000:1.
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This is a TN panel. i know TN can be 1ms , TN have been the fastest panel on LCD (TN with 1ms is standard) . But ips cant be 1ms and theres no 17 inch VA panel with 1ms. So this panel is TN. Theres no TN panel in the marked with 3000:1 contrast ratio.
178 viewing angles means that when you look at above those a pretty sharp angle the contrast and brightness will fall a bit and colors may shift (IPS, some VA). Usually when you look at specs on monitors they goes like this:
  • TN panels go 170/160
  • VA panels old 176/176.
  • VA panels new 178/178.
  • IPS panel 178/178.
They may be VA with 1ms but there's no VA panel this size 17.3 inch. This contrast 3000: 1 isn't accurate. Just trying to help people out. This is a TN panels with his benefits and drawbacks. Best response time of all others, but worst viewing angle. This is an amazing display, just making sure the publisher put actual specs.
Now the real question is how well this will work with G-Sync.
Yeah, at what frequency range, has anyone tested it. I actually asked the sales representative sometime ago at TaoBao but got a reply of "don't know too."...
So does it work with G- Sync?
I have the G-Story 15" 4k version that I take to work and play on my PS4 pro during down time. I love it so far.
HDMI doesn’t support 120Hz so how the heck does this get 120hz? I looked at amazon and all the company said was this “”””Its operating steps are as follow: right-click the mouse on its desktop--Display setting--Advanced display setting--Display adapter properties for Dispaly 1--Monitor-Screen refresh rate--120Hz--OK. If you still don't know how to get to 120Hz,””” I mean feel free to correct me if I’m wrong I just don’t wanna get burned in the end here lol
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correction: it used to not support it. it may still not work if your graphics card uses older hdmi though.
The monitor itself weighs 3.08 kg?
Yea... it too baffled me it weighs more than a 17inch laptop...
How much was this?
It's "portable" but it doesn't have a USB-powered option or a 12v auto power option?
It is G-Story, but it has FreeSync and not G-Sync... Makes sense.
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i'm pretty glad it doesn't have g sync because than it would be $100 more.
As of 1/15/2019 G-Sync will work on FreeSync monitors.
Seems like an awesome option since the model on Amazon isn't available in Canada. I have a ML08B-H ITX case to go to LAN and am able to bring everything in one shot with my 2 hands and a backpack. But if the monitor could fit in a backpack... now that would be awesome. However, I do need some sort of Kensington lock system for LAN events. This model doesn't seem to have it.
I have an Asus ROG Ranger backpack and a computer in the Dr. Zaber Sentry case and I can confirm that this screen WILL fit inside with everything else. It's only a little tighter than I am comfortable with but it should not put the screen in a compromising position with how it all fits inside. For anyone wanting the full, no-compromise desktop gaming experience with proper high refresh rates, it is possible to have all of the things and fit in a single bag! p.s. The screen does look good, function decently, and works as intended after changing some settings on the monitor itself. According to the manual itself, the USB-C port is intended to send power to other USB devices but I have not had the ability to test if it can power itself or display through the port yet.
Thanks for the reply. They do ship to Canada but it costs a lot more (at least on Amazon.ca). I'll think about it. If they could add a Kensington lock, I'd probably be sold.
Does this support VESA mounts/stands. That kick stand puts it at too low of an angle and not very ergonomic....
In the Amazon listing, there is an optional VESA mounting plate. So it looks like it is possible, but the adapter is not included in this drop.
Is the 120Hz refresh rate supported over both the USB-C input and HDMI inputs? or just HDMI?
What panel does this use? It is the same as the 17.3" 120hz laptops?
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Hm if the color is good (100% srgb seem alright), viewing angle doesn't bother me at all really, TN's 1ms response time is much preferred too comparing to those above 5ms IPS panels... it simply feels better.
TN usually has horrible color reproduction. However, as long as you never use a better panel, you'll never notice it. Just like switching from 60hz to 120hz or more. When you had only used 60hz, you didn't understand why people were infatuated with their high refresh rate panels. I'm actually using my old TN panel as a second monitor, and with it sitting next to my IPS panel I cringe a little looking at its colors.