G5 Outdoors 3-Blade Fixed Broadheads (3-Pack)search

G5 Outdoors 3-Blade Fixed Broadheads (3-Pack)

G5 Outdoors 3-Blade Fixed Broadheads (3-Pack)

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Spin-Tested Steel Broadheads

With a reputation for accuracy and predictable characteristics of flight, G5’s Montec models of fixed broadheads, for use with an archery bow or crossbow, are made of 100 percent steel and have been spin tested. The Montec Preseason is 1.125 inches in diameter and is unsharpened, so it reduces wear on targets and can be used for practice. The Montec is 1 inch to 1.125 inches in diameter and, with its one-piece construction, has been designed to cut on contact. Plus, it has patented metal-injection molding for strength and is easy to sharpen. Both are offered in this drop at 100 grains in a 3-pack.

Note: At checkout, choose the Broadhead Montec Preseason (base price) or the Broadhead Montec (+ $1).

Broadhead Montec Preseason
Broadhead Montec (+ $1)


  • Broadhead Montec Preseason
  • Grains: 100
  • 100% steel
  • Spin tested
  • Diameter: 1.125 in (2.86 cm) diameter
  • Eliminates the need to retune
  • Unsharpened

Broadhead Montec

  • Grains: 100
  • 100% steel
  • Spin tested
  • Diameter: 1–1.125 in (2.54–2.86 cm)
  • Metal-injection molding
  • Cut-on-contact design
  • Diamond-cut sharpness
  • One-piece construction
  • Easy to sharpen


  • 3 broadheads


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