GalaxC PBT All Over Dye-Subbed Keycap Setsearch

GalaxC PBT All Over Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

GalaxC PBT All Over Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

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The comments about low picture quality are all true. Also, the paint job itself was less than stellar. I had uneven coverage on most of my keys--my space bar is particularly sad with a slanting line of undyed white space on both long edges. It really stands out against the dark blue.

I got the set with front letters. The font is not my favorite, but I could live with it if the letters and words were uniformly aligned. Some of the letters look mildly left-aligned, some more center-aligned. My page up and down keys are almost printed off the edge of the front.

I got caught up in the excitement for the pictures of the paint job. The overall quality did not compare to other keycaps at similar price point. I will not purchase this again and advise against getting these if you're only here for the dye-job.
Seriously.. No ISO? :(
Can anyone confirm whether these keycaps would work with the GK64?
It has a couple of non-standard keys, so not sure whether this set would fit?
It only has keys for the ducky volume keys that are blank
Would totally jump on this but there are so many comments about the resolution of the photo being so low quality that I simply cant justify it. I also wonder how long they will lwst before they wear out. Esp WASD keys for those that game a lot.
Same, wished it was higher resolution.
It's dyed so it can't wear out it's like dye subbing
I set to planck! :)

I just got mine. It would've been nice if the dyed picture was a higher resolution.
What? No Cherry profile? :( I was going to buy these again but I already have the OEM set.
Does anyone know if these would work with a razer black widow keyboard? The one with the annoying razer green switches
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I had to use my left and right arrow caps for fn and alt on the right side, and switched enter and + on the numpad because enter felt weird for some reason, like it had to click twice but fine after the switch.
Other than that they fit on perfectly except the right shift is wobbly. Just remember to watch a guide about the keys with stabilizers and be careful not to bend or break them.
Much like incogruous and nogoodnames said you're mostly going to have to either find a compatible bottom row or you need to obtain another keyboard that has all the features you want with the modularity of ease of use with the "gamer" bottom row.

I say this typing on a g80-1800 that has a 6u spacebar and the modifier keys are all 1u each... Sooooo your mileage may vary.
I bought a set of these previously but I hope it drops again soon but this time in Cherry profile.
I wasn't really happy with the detail quality with the keycaps from the last drop. They look good in the photos and from a distance but to me up close they look very pixelated.
my guy has a MK gaming board with CHERRY MX BROWN switches, does anyone know if this will fit his keyboard. i know the spacebar is 4.75"

idk if the whole bottom row would be different. Im a little clueless and trying my hardest lol.
This should fit his keyboard, do you know the brand of his keyboard? Sometimes companies do weird things with their keys and only some keys are replaceable. Underneath there will be a sticker that has some product information
If you don't mind waiting it's worth it. I bought mine last time it stoped and I got it like a week ago.
if anyone wants this now instead of waiting 2 months, im selling mine new at
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