Game Madman G87 TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboardsearch

Game Madman G87 TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Game Madman G87 TKL Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

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Just received mine in NZ. Instructions in Chinese was a bit annoying but not so bad. also my pg down and end keys were swapped but that wasn't difficult to fix. So far a great first mech keyboard
Got mine 2 days ago, thought I'd give my thoughts. Arrived in perfect condition and was well packaged. Leds look very nice and it's my new daily driver. Instructions were in chinese though so I had to use the camera on google translate.
Want this keyboard soooooo bad. Missed the drop. If anyone is willing to sell or knows where i can buy it please let me know.
You can buy it on some Chinese websites.
if i've comited (few days ago) i dont have to join drop right ?
(because last time i bought something the "paid status" was updated straight away)
just need one more person....
Seems like a good deal on the surface. However, I just can't fathom why the shipping prices are so high. I'm in the US, and yea, I know its even worse in other countries, but Jesus, Massdrop, $9.25 shipping? Basically cancels out the consumers' chance at any sort of savings by buying things on here.
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then how come I can get items that are on here at amazon with free or way more affordable shipping and they come to my house just fine
Because amazon eats/subsidizes the cost of shipping. They lose hundreds of millions of dollars a quarter in doing this. They're able to do this because the cost that they're eating ends up being 1-5% of their total revenue. Not everyone can do this, not everyone is amazon.

For some context, I used to sell records online. A well packaged record (1-2 lbs) used to cost me about $4.50 to ship using media mail (packaging + USPS shipping cost). You can't ship a keyboard with media mail and they definitely weigh more than 1-2 lbs.
Is this keyboard ibm personal system 2 (ps/2) compatible? Say with nkeyrollover via the ps/2 interface, not usb.
If this game with Cherry MX Black switches I'd be down for it in 2 seconds, but sadly it ain't so
How do you change the side LED colors?
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No, the leds on the sides of the keyboard, in the pictures they are set to blue and there are supposedly 7 color settings
Sorry didn't read your comment properly. I imagine it would be one of the FN keys in top row.
Does anyone know if there is an RGB or brown switch version of this?
Note: At checkout, choose between Cherry MX Brown, Blue, and Red switches.
MX Browns are an option
N key rollover?
How is the construction on this board? Aluminum or plastic?
I would love to know that as well, but from the pics it looks like it's aluminium on top and plastic on bottom
Massdrop, seriously what's with the shipping prices. 20 bucks to Europe; are you delivering each item by foot and wrapped in gold or what?
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Totally crazy
Getting it to AU is 38.

I think the board's base must be gold or something!