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Ganss GK-87 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Ganss GK-87 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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Too bad this isn't a kit, since it's almost like a cheaper k-type.
Whats the point of buying here when it's already on amazon...
Wait 3 months to save 6 whole dollars!
Got damn! I'm practically losing money not buying this!
Anyone know if this board supports custom firmware or QMK support?
Can you disable windows key?
Yes, i have one purchased from amazon. you can disable windows key with Fn+f12
Thanks - I just ordered from amazon since it's only $10 more and I can get it now instead of January 2018 :o
Mine is on the way from the last drop. I am so looking forward to this keyboard!!

Is it true that this is considered like the "budget" k-type or is it all hype?
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Just compare the K-Type specs and you'll be able to answer this.

K-Type is programmable, swappable switches, synchronous RGB on keys and back plate, detachable USB-C, and comes with the Halo switch if you oped for it.

I assume it's considered a budget version based on looks and the frame lighting, but it depends on what you wanted out of the board. If the features listed aren't important then yes, this would definitely serve as a budget K-Type aesthetically.
Its a waste becz you can buy it on ebay aliexpress amazon for like 6 dollars more with rgb effects. and you dont have to wait 3 month
Looks great, but I'm bummed that zealio switch isn't offered. I'm waiting for my I:C whitefox with halo-clone from KS and MD Vortex Race 3 with cherry brown. All I need now is a 65%-tkl board with zealio.
The budget k-type is back!
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well a 60% is basically standard minus the F row and numpad, so you just need like alphas and base mods for the current Legacy DSA. actually cheaper than TKL!
It depends on some 60s layout. I have a friend that has a weird custom where one of the shift keys has an odd shape and also double space bars. But I’m happy with my TKL, Preonic, and Infinity Ergodox and my upcoming numpad so I’m set. Dressing them all is costly. So there’s only special keycaps sets where I’ll go full blown if they ever come out again....
"This is one of the most requested options from the TKL Mechanical Keyboards poll created by a community member"

Uh, it doesn't even seem to be on the list
If you let Taekeyboards(youtube) review this board I assure you you will get more sales.
What is the difference between the Ganss GS and GK keyboards?
For Canadians, you can get it in mx red switches on Amazon for $150 CAD shipped within a day.
Massdrop is around $154 CAD shipped in Oct.

For Americans, mx brown version is $10 more on Amazon to get it within a week
If it only had a detachable cable.... ):