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Where's the price?
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Do these come in a Ti variant? /s
According to the scale of measurements published the equivalent to 9.5 UK is 10But in the shop and other tables on the Internet the equivalent measure is 10.5.So I could not figure out the appropriate measure.

No 10.5?
How are these to dance in?
If your lady is mountain-sized (and shaped), I'm sure you wouldn't find difficulty in keeping step.
Got the shoes last February (2018), since then I used them in 2 treks and some street walking - maximum of 100 miles, and the soles began separating.
This is not "wear and tear" - the boots' manufacturing date (appears on the inner side of the box) is 16.06.2012, over 6 years ago.
Fixing them won't help since the glue is fu**ed up due to it's age.
Massdrop won't help so far, manufacturer won't answer the mail.
150$ gone to waste, feeling scammed.
Watch for the date of the products you receive.
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Thank you for posting. Take a look at Oboz. I've had a pair for a year and am impressed. Very well made.
I just received mine from the most recent drop. The date code is 16.05.12. Does this mean 2016 or 2012? Eitherway these boots are 3 or 7 years old already!?

Just got mine today. I'm a pretty solid 10.5 mens US and got a half size up cause I heard/thought they might run tight. Wish I would have got the 10.5. They fit pretty true to size in my opinion.
Would really like to buy into this but without any comparison or any way to try similar boots on, it's pretty impossible to feel confident in your purchase.
Garmont has 4 differnet fits. All 4 have a similar fit in the heel area which is well contoured, secure and fits most people well. The difference between the 4 is in the instep and forefoot volume. The Dragontail Hike use our "Performance Fit" which has a more generous instep and forefoot volume. It is a our most popular fit. You can check out our website under the "fit" section for the specific differences and each model is labeled with the which fit it utilizes for comparison. Hope that helps. Garmont Customer Service
Any chance of the Pinnacle GTX becoming available...desperate to size up from my last pair. Best general Alpine boot Ive had but now too small for me !!
Do these fit comparably to other Garmont boots? I have the Garmont T8 BIFIDA and they fit excellent.
Also, how breathable are these? Could I wear them in 95F/35C degree weather in relative comfort, or are my feet going to cook?
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They're boots with a goretex layer and leather upper (aka hot af) that run tight because of the brand rand. They have a sticky (vibram if not mistaken) sole and would work for scrambling on class 3-4 terrain. I literally sell these boots every day.
Really appreciate the clarification, thankyou!
But can it run Crysis tho?
Is this new new Adidas x Dragonball x Geforce collaboration ???
May i ask, why are this boots sold only on massdrop?
Just wanna write a review for these boots since it's hard to find online.
First off, these are probably the best pair of boots I've ever owned. I have wide feet and these fit like a gloves. I felt super solid on class 3 scrambles in the Sierra with these on, probably thanks to the Vibram soles. They did take a bit longer to break in though. My very first hike with them were pretty painful, but my feet started to feel at home after ~60 miles on trails. They also aren't crampons compatible. However, you should be fine with a pair of strap-on crampons.
To test the fit, I went to REI to and try on the Dragontail Approach Shoes (same design as these boots, but without their ankle support) to get the right sizing.
Hope these help your decision. Lmk if you have any questions.
Thanks for the review! Glad you like the boots so much. I've been very impressed with them too.
Hi this is Bill from Garmont. I just wanted to comment on the difference between the boot in this drop and the mentioned low cut Dragontails you will see in stores. The low cut versions are "Approach Shoes" designed to fit closely to the foot and versatile for walking, scrambling and some climbing. The Dragontail Hike GTX Mid Cut boot in this drop has a more classic hiking fit with a roomier instep and forefoot volume. It will fit medium and slightly wider feet well. The extended lacing does a nice job of customizing the fit for slightly narrower feet as well. It does not come in a wide and I do not recommend it if you normally by wide shoes. Check out the sizing recommendations on the page to select the best size. This is a really nice boot!
Are these crampon compatible?
No wide sizing?
Do these ship to Australia?
Made where?
Good question, these boots are made in Vietnam
How massive are these? I bought a pair of Redwing once and it was huge. I mean the inside sizing is right but it looked like it was devouring my leg because of how gigantic it looked compare to my legs lol. I think it may be because it was insulated though. Model 2412.
These are not that big, not at all clunky. They are very durable given that they are not bulky.
Can these be returned? Buying shoes without trying them on can be risky, no matter how nice the shoe.
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You are correct! Thanks.
thanks - i did some research on Garmont's low cut shoes and they ran a bit narrow from the comments. They look great but i would need a wide.
I have a pair of Merrell boots that I really like but they're a little small for me. I'm a 12.5 wearing 12's. I really like my Merrell's because they don't get too hot, are versatile in that I could run a trail comfortably with them, and they're waterproof for the most part. I'm curious about this drop, because it's price looks alright for a Buy-It-For-Life type of boot. Have a great day everybody.
I'm really excited to start working with Garmont. They have been making boots for 50+ years and are well respected around the world for everything from their serious mountaineering boots down to their day hiking shoes. AND, I'm in love with these boots in particular. They are built on the design of the venerable Dragontail approach shoes, so they are light and tough, but with a higher cuff that goes above the ankle.
I usually hike in trail running shoes, but there are times when I do need boots. I look for something like this: -reasonably light so they don't feel clunky or slowly wear me down with their weight -cover my ankle but not too much that I lose agility -meaningful protection along the outside of the boot. It usually takes a long time to wear out boots, but it's easy to see in trail running shoes that a high-wear area is the outside of your foot, from your little toe, back. This is where you tend to scrape against rocks the most, and yet it often is not sufficiently protected -gotta look good without being too techy or old school. These have the natural colors of shades of brown and black, with a little orange for pop. Nothing too crazy, nor too boring.
As these are only available in the US through Massdrop, you'll have to look around for reviews from Europe. Also checkout talk of the Dragontail approach shoes as those are quite similar, just in a low top style as previously mentioned. That would be a good way to determine fit as well. For style, I might compare these boots to the Asolo Jumla GV, which won Outdoor Gear Lab's "Top Pick" award for best hiking boot.