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Garmont T8 Bifida Boots

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Are these safety toes?
No, they do not have steel toes. They're combat/tactical boots that would be good for hiking, ruck marching, etc.
I knew I should have picked these up at the last drop... By the time these are shipped I would already spent two weeks at the event I wanted them for...
just got em and they're great. any recommendations for conditioner?
Are these US or UK sizing? I am not really sure what size to order. I have a size 12 UK or 47 EU so that makes me a size 12.5 US according to . I measure a little less than 31cm from heel to tip of my large toe, which would make me a size 14.5.

Anyone here a size 47 EU that can help me out?
Can anybody tell me what the width on these is like? My feet are extra wide and finding real boots is expensive.
I'm sure these are only being dropped because the Army is phasing all tan boots out by October... but if coyote was available that'd be amazing for us GIs.
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That's a great idea, but wouldn't olive oil turn rancid? I would think mineral oil or mink oil would be a better alternative.
I "believe" that they are made in coyote color, and would support such an offering if dropped again!

I bought my pair a little over a year ago, and since then I've probably put damn near 1000 miles on them. Over a dozen GORUCK events, all my training, hiking, everything. In and out of the water, in the mud and the sand, pavement, you name it. They're durable, lightweight, supportive, and confidence-inspiring. I'd wear them to work if my coworkers wouldn't look at me funny.

I just joined the drop to buy a second pair to keep in reserve for when (if?) my first pair dies.
Any advice on fit? Are they true to size?
No coyote in the colours? 😐😐😐
If you coat them in olive oil, they turn coyote.
Did anyone apart of this latest drop receive a pair that is NOT the color of the ones in the picture? Nowhere in the checkout process do I remember picking a color, but the ones I received are definitely darker than the ones pictured. I was expecting more of a sand/tan color but the ones I received are straight-up brown! I still like them, and not a huge deal, just a bit misleading I think.
This is awesome, you got the coyote brown boots that I and the other military guys want
Had these boots about a year as well. The best thing i can say about them, is when I have them on I don't think about my feet. Iwear to work in at the ranch. I would join if was Coyote. This is the third/ drop with this colr. Dn't know if this is a slow seller or if just trying to keep the inventory down. If they come up in Coyote I'l be all over it. I wear a 10 in other footwear and ordered thes in a 10. Perfect fit.
I'm commenting again, still waiting for the Black LE versions to drop.
Looking elsewhere with more reviews - some say buy larger, some smaller, some wider. Even at this great price, I just don't trust getting a good fit. I'm generally a size 9 regular for boots and running shoes. Sometimes wide is better, sometimes 9.5 is better. I never need smaller or narrower.
Would you recommend these as a decent work boot? I mainly do forestry and landscaping. Any advice is appreciated.
I am a surveyor and these boots are great. Solid ankle supposed and the grip on muddy and steep slopes is impressive. Lightweight and little to no break in time needed.