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Gary Fong LightSphere Wedding & Event Lighting Kit

Gary Fong LightSphere Wedding & Event Lighting Kit

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Precise Lighting Control

The Gary Fong Wedding & Event Lighting Kit turns any environment into a professional studio. Featuring a broad range of tools for wedding, fashion, commercial, and portrait photography, the kit helps you capture balanced, well-lit photos. The LightSphere Collapsible flash diffuser mounts quickly to any standard flash using the speed strap, and provides soft omnidirectional light for indoor shoots, as well as fill light for outdoor shoots. The WhiteDome allows you to shoot in low-ceiling environments where a low-light bounce is required, while the AmberDome produces dramatic warm light in well-lit settings. Finally, the 18-percent GrayDome helps you adjust your white balance for spot-on color accuracy.

Gary Fong LightSphere Wedding & Event Lighting Kit

A Closer Look


  • LightSphere Collapsible flash diffuser with speed strap
  • WhiteDome
  • AmberDone
  • GrayDome
  • Instructional DVD
  • Gear bag
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty


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