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Gateron Switches (120 Pieces)search

Gateron Switches (120 Pieces)

Gateron Switches (120 Pieces)

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Take a Bite

Manufactured with clear casings, Gateron Switches have quickly become one of the most sought after names in the keyboard community. Gateron Switches use copper click leafs and softer plastic stems, making for an unparalleled, smooth typing experience. Gateron produces a secure fit for any keycaps and all stems are compatible with MX housing, letting you pick from the wide variety of available keycaps.

Note: At checkout, choose your color option between black, blue, brown, clear, green, red, and yellow. On this drop, you will receive a 120-pack of one switch.

Gateron Switches (120 Pieces)

Make The Switch

Gateron Blacks come with a 50g linear (no tactile) feedback, and Clears are built as 35g linear. For those looking for a bit more tactile feedback, there are the clicky 55g Blues with a notably high actuation point and the 45g tactile Browns. Finally Gateron just added a heavier 80g clicky switch with Greens.

Gateron Switches (120 Pieces)
Gateron Switches (120 Pieces)
Gateron Switches (120 Pieces)


  • Gateron
  • Compatible with MX based keyboards
  • Transparent switch housing
  • Lifetime: 50 million cycles

Peak force:

  • Blacks - 50g Linear
  • Blues - 55g Clicky
  • Browns - 45g Tactile
  • Clears - 35g Linear
  • Greens - 80g Clicky
  • Reds - 45g Linear
  • Yellows - 50g Linear


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Estimated ship date is Jan 2, 2019 PT.

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