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GEFU Garlico Garlic Cutter

GEFU Garlico Garlic Cutter

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Fresh Garlic Without the Mess

GEFU creates tools that make cooking fun and easy. The Garlico garlic cutter is yet another. Once you peel your garlic cloves, pop them into the Garlico chamber, close it, press down, and out pops fresh-pressed garlic. The garlic comes out in long rods, so you can cut the rods into small pieces as you press them out or let them funnel all the way out. Either way, it takes the messiness and legwork out of cutting each individual clove into pieces. The stainless steel and plastic components can be removed for ease of cleaning, too.


  • GEFU
  • Material: Stainless steel and plastic
  • For cutting rods or cubes
  • Removable cutting tool and grill 


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