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A Flaming Hot Finishing Touch

To put that crispy caramelized layer on top of your creme brulee; to get a crispy, gooey coating of parmesan atop your pasta casserole, and to burn the outside of a piece of top-shelf filet mignon just right, you’ll need something more than just a lighter. The GEFU Kitchen Torch is easy to use and delivers professional results. With a flame that heats up to over 2,000 degrees, it can put the finishing touch on many a dish. The flame is adjustable and lasts up to a full hour on a full tank. It doesn’t take special fluid, either: Just use standard butane and you’re good to go. It comes with a steady base for storage on the countertop.

GEFU Kitchen Torch
GEFU Kitchen Torch
GEFU Kitchen Torch


  • Flame temperature up to 1,300°C (2,372ºF)
  • Stepless flame regulation
  • Usable in continuous operation
  • Flame duration of at least 60 min
  • Uses standard commercially available butane (comes empty)


  • Steady stand base
  • Child-resistant catch


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