GEKO Xpedition Full 1080p Dash Cam w/ 16GB SD Cardsearch

GEKO Xpedition Full 1080p Dash Cam w/ 16GB SD Card

GEKO Xpedition Full 1080p Dash Cam w/ 16GB SD Card

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Wonder how long MassDrop will continue to push this POS. Finally got a live human on Papago's 800 line. Don't opt for the "Customer Support" option, as the "mailbox is (always) full" and you cannot leave an message. I think I chose the Operator option and got a young lady who was new to the job.

SOOOOO.... Customer Support by Papago after the last drop on this product.... ZERO, NONE, ZILCH, NADA. You are on your own as far as figuring out how to make this black ice cube work!
this reminds me of the overpriced license frame backup camera. just as gimmick and did I say overpriced?
It's too bad that Massdrop doesn't read the discussions and stop pushing pieces of crap like this dashcam wannabe onto the community.... it's pretty clear that Massdrop isn't "community driven" but vendor driven. This camera obviously didn't do well in the retail market, so they are trying to dump the remaining inventory here.

No bargain if the POS doesn't work!
This is more like... $79.99 at best. Sorry...
Still no reply from the manufacturer, so far customer support is zero. Thinking about asking Massdrop for a refund, front facing camera has a "GPS error, won't record anything.
One Word: AVOID!
How is this powered? Does it include a USB cable or does it plug into the fusebox?
Wow you definitely changed my opinion on this one, guess that's why it's only 99 bucks, which should probably be more like 40.
Bought 2 through Massdrop, installed them (one facing front, one facing rear) yesterday, finally took them for a short drive today.
1. Easy to install
2. Literally plug and play
1. Poor video quality. Bright light (whether ambient or artificial) "washes out" the entire image. Grainy image at edges when a bright light crosses the lens. Doesn't look anywhere near 1080p resolution, more like low-res 640p. Can't read the license plate of a car 10 feet in front of the camera.
2. Apparently, the only way you can set up these cameras is to download an Android or iOS app, and since I carry neither, I have emailed the company asking if there is a Windows 10 laptop compatible app. Until I figure this one out, I can't change the (wrong) time stamp on the image, etc.
Would I buy again? No.
thanks for being the test pilot and telling us your experiences, good on ya mate, sorry it didn't work out....but thanks a ton for saving us all the time and bother. cheers.
I like the form factor, but thanks for the heads up.
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