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If you're an Aussie and chasing one of these my local camping store (Snowy's) has the G10 version on pre-order sale for $39aud with free postage. That works out at $28usd....
I want to like Mass drop but I don't understand. Why would you buy this for $30 on here when you can get it for $30 on amazon prime?
A 7Cr series steel seems like it would be way too soft to be able to hold a decent edge for very long at all. You’d probably be a bit better off spending a couple bucks more on 8Cr or 9Cr if you really like this series, or either 440C, AUS-8, or AUS-10 if you want to keep price moderate but get better performance.
I was so glad to see that Gerber was finally producing a descent flipper in s-30v made in the USA "The Fastball" especially after this disgrace in strop on your jeans steel with a sand blasted finish (and I don't find it to be steel snobbery when ya charge $30.00 for it ,in $10-$15 dollar country with what I believe is Chinese 440a equivalent) I mean optional G-10 is the high end option ,so maby Gerber is looking to turn a corner and drop what has been a shaky reputation for a long time.

being a buck or so cheaper than ebay or amazon isnt all that enticing, especially after the 3 dollar "upgrade" to tan ( which doesnt cost more anywhere else) and then almost 3 bucks for shipping takes it almost 5 bucks over what you can get it for elsewhere ..add the long wait for shipping and this is no deal. sorry.... pass.
This is a great price. The knife? Well. That's different. I just finished reading a lot of review and they are all over the place. Which boils down to bad QC. There are two versions of this. This is the second. (The first was causing too many dissatisfied customers.) The backside is ugly. A picture of the back of the first edition is shown below. The overtravel stop had been hugely enlarged in the new edition. A common thread in my reading was that these screws are VERY hard to loosen. It would seems like a bad idea to expect to be able to take this apart. I've tossed money away on some Schrades. I bot them as beaters. Sadly, it's one of my better knives that takes the beating. Another common comment in the reviews was "If this had good steel, I would buy it despite the price increase." 440A (that's what 7Cr17 is analagous to.) is not that wonderful. Of course, it is way ahead of 420J2 and AUS-6. For $30, I must admit that I'm tempted. KC sells it for two dollars more and the purchases accumulate reward points which can be cashed in for a discount on your next purchase. I might have to run see if Wally Word has one in a box that I can play with.

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This was the lowest price that I saw. I can't recall if I saw Amazon pricing. I should have, it always comes up when I am looking for things. Some were close to $50. I did not look at this very critically. I am use to seeing higher prices here than on other sites, so I was pleasantly surprised. I am totally with you on the shipping time. It's horrendous for the most part. If this was at a price that you suggested, especially the $20 one, I think that I would have taken the chance and ordered it.
I just honestly don’t think a 7Cr steel of any kind is worth buying if you intend to use it much. I prefer to lean towards either 440C, 8Cr14MoV, or AUS-8 as my baseline.
Interesting design, I just don't get the point...
hahaha i see what you did there.. to be blunt that is a cutting wit you have.
Being this has the working man's type of box cutter design why can't we put D2 steel on this? Gerber can't even have the decency of at least putting 9cr on this? If not why not 420HC? They seem to do well with that steel. 7cr just tells the community they don't care about them. 30 bucks says they also think the community is gullible to pay that much when so many more knives with this price point is superior.
How about getting the Gerber Fastball:

So close Gerber! up the price by $5 or so and switch to a cheap but decent steel like D2, 14c28n, or 154cm and this would be pretty cool.
or drop the upgrade price , which isnt done anywhere else. this is no deal
Honestly, this in a 14C28N steel would improve so much. Even just 8Cr14MoV, anything better than 7Cr.
Note that the pictures show the version 2, which includes an improved over-travel plate and enlarged hole. Both of those revisions make this a much better knife. I had the v1 and it was not great, but I sent it in to Gerber for the v2, and like it better. The Gideons Tactical review of this knife is very thorough and should answer any questions you have about this blade.
I've owned this knife before so I'll share a few thoughts. While I liked this knife there were some QC problems with this little guy that made me move on from mine. First off, the pocket clip on this sucks. It's stiff with no spring at all. While it didn't eat at my jeans, I'm sure that would have happened the longer I kept it. Next, while I was able to "spydie-flick" open this knife, it would lock up tightly and while that happened, I needed some force to disengage the lock to close the knife. Lastly, my thumb would begin to hurt just trying to open the knife even after a few tries. It's a decent knife and a fun one from Gerber but this has a few problems. Fix these, upgrade the steel, and I may have another one again.
Good information, thanks for passing that on. I wish this was spring assisted and had handles on both sides of the knife. You made some great points, so I’ll pass.
Scales are impossible on the frame lock side, and the knife would be much weaker if it had a liner lock.
Ahahahah, 7cr. The Bestech Paladin is up right now for $5 more with D2.
The Paladin is not nearly as cool looking though IMO.
I'd take functionality and longevity over aesthetics any day of the week xD
The pocket clip on this knife is ridiculous. What's the opposite of discreet? This pocket clip.
I feel like if you like cleaver knives, you're missing the point
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You got it😁
Dare I say, pointless...
Only $3 more on Prime. Getting tired of stuff that is the same price on Amazon. What's the point in doing a groupbuy and waiting? For $3 extra it will be here in 2 days or I can wait nearly a month? No thanks.
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well for some people the price to performance on a 100+ dollar knife isn't as good of a deal as a 30 or less knife. The fact you can get a good build quality knife and decent steel for around 30 bucks is more enticing. I believe everyone should have a "cheaper" but good quality knife to use as a beater. I have many "cheap" knives and many "expensive" I love both and because i hone and strahp my blade basically every time I carry that knife i don't have any BIG issues with a cheaper blade steel. Just some food for thought!
If you use it for work chances are you'll be sharpening every day.
"If you want control when your cutting and slicing..." Contractions; learn them. In for one:)
Cleavers excel at whacking the punctuation right out of sentences...
Wow that's a terrible steel
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I agree with you there man. To be honest Gerber is becoming one of my least favorite knife companies. The brand deal with bear grylls, barely manufacturing any knives in the us, and most of the time overpricing many of their knives. With brands like CRKT and buck still doing good blades for the value and the new high quality knives out of china like, Artisan Cutlery, Civivi, and steel will. It makes them almost obsolete imo. The only knive theyve come out with lately I care about is the Strongarm, This (because the design is great as a cleaver blade), and the spine. That's a fraction of what they make, it's honestly sad.
I couldn't agree more!
Thirty bucks of style. I'll stick with Eafengrow for cheap folders; they're overbuilt and use D2. I think Gerber needs to work on their reputation. From everything I've seen and heard, it's cool looking garbage for people who don't know anything about knives. The price here is maybe only slightly too high for the steel used, but with Gerber, I don't expect a quality product.
I've always thought this style of blade looks like you were prying something you shouldn't and broke the tip off. That look is particularly pronounced on this knife. I think it's because the handle looks long enough for about 1/2 inch more blade.
This is a really stout looking butcher blade, especially for Gerber. What's up with the black & white only product photos?
Secret knife code phrases: "easy to sharpen" equals "cheap steel".

I mean at 30 bucks, I'm not expecting M390 or anything...
Yeah, it's potentially fine. I have a $24 CRKT 8CR13 that came very sharp and more or less stayed that way with moderate use. (And it can indeed be sharpened very easily as needed!) But the heat treat and QC is more of a concern - even a cheap steel can be great with a good HT, while D2 can be utterly messed up with a poor treatment. Gerber may have issues here. Ruike by comparison does an awesome job with their C14 steel, also at a $30 price point, so one does not necessarily have to compromise for that dollar value.