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GermanMAESTRO GMP 400 & 450 Pro Headphones

GermanMAESTRO GMP 400 & 450 Pro Headphones

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I got my order yesterday and received the 435S instead of the 450. Anyone else?
me too, what is that? and the box was already opended.
Nooo im not ready! ;(
Always, Mass Drop offers only unpopular products and jurks. I just want to buy headphones like lcd 4 for $ 1000.
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I have no doubt MassDrop would love to offer more brands. Audeze is a unique company, and how they distribute their cans means it wouldn't be easy. I would be surprised of they talked to them about it and would probably try again. I'm not sure what "jurks" are, but I hardly think the HD6XX is unpopular, with several thousand sold. The tech and wood going into the LCD-4 means it might cost them 2 thousand to just manufacture it and cover the years of R&D that went into just making it. You'll never see that wood version of it below $3000 used. I want great expensive stuff cheap too but you have to be realistic here.
are you implying LCD-4's sound better than a 150 dollar headphone?
because you'd be right!
But lcd-4s don't sound 4 digits good anyways
Are these manufactured in China?
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HiFiMan products from my experience are a disgrace. Mine have ALL fell apart or sound had become distorted in less than 1-6 months. All thru Amazon uK.

re-400 left ear broke apart within 6 months
he-400s sound became distorted at 60% above volume in 3 weeks
he-400s bought again as loved the sound when it worked... and I'm SURE they gave me the exact same pair back as the volume still became distorted at 60% volume and above. I know it wasn't my gear as I tried with many sources and my friend didn't have the same issues with his.
Yeah they got that history, and I believe it, but I can say that the 4XX does not look or feel cheap. I've had mine for nearly 6 months and I use it regularly--it's not falling apart and it sounds fine... maybe because Massdrop was involved?
One MOAR drop pls
Received the 450 Pro today, and while it will take me a few good days to form an opinion on sound (pretty good) and comfort, I can comment that the "closed design" is a complete joke.
This is by far the most open closed headphone I've ever owned.
And there you have it:
I just received my GMP 400 and after some songs I can tell you that these headphones sound pretty good. I like them more than my HD6XX but I personally don't like my HD6XX.
Please please bring these back!
Mic on these or no?
No. These are just headphones. If you want a built in mic you need to be looking for a headset.
BUMP, No love for the GMPs?
These look a lot like the 29 year old NOS Sennheisers I got the other day (replaced pads/cable).
Speaking of which, and I know it's unrelated to this drop, that's when Sennheiser still made everything in Germany and despite being so old, they sound incredible for a closed set (Senn hd250s).

So I hear these are brighter than not? How is the midrange relative to bass and highs?
GMP 400 vs Philips Fidelio X2?  
Detatchable cable and all metal vs what looks to be all plastic, with attached cables. Sound-wise the X2's are doing their own thing unlike all other headphones.
While most headphones are tuned by graph, the X2's are tuned by what sounds good. So on a graph they look like they're a mess, but when you put them on the sound signature makes sense. It's bass heavy, huge sound stage, and it's a ton of fun. Definitely not analytical headphones.