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GermanMAESTRO GMP 8.35 Mobile Headphones

GermanMAESTRO GMP 8.35 Mobile Headphones


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Purchased these a drop ago, really like how they sound, and they do better than any other (non IEM) headphone I have in terms of keeping the music from bleeding out-- perfect for an office environment.
Only $12 hours left and still on the edge. Between German Maestro 8.35 D, Audio Technica MSR7 and Oppo PM 3. Apparently the maestros are the cheapest of them all. Have you heard them and what do you think? I listen to everything except EDM and Hip-hop. But a lot of choir music, new age, female vocalists, classical music. And my dacs are dragonfly red on the go and chord mojo at home. So, do you think the maestros can compete with the other two headphones?
Vocals sound amazing on this headphone. Classical music is great too! It is a very honest headphone, i cant speak for the others
I tried a pair of GMP's -- they were awful. sold them immediately. I'd pass..........
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Btw, any different when you rewired your 400? I am currently thinking of doing so.
I would say maybe a teeny bit more separation and body, but I mainly prefer the looks and build of my own cable, along with making it the right length for my system.
Join the drop only because it's name.
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They use different design/technology/driver ? They have a lot low Impedance headphones. Some of the full size headphone are only 8 ohm.
Yeah thats fair, i joined the elex i dont need anymore headphones
Inclined to choose these over Beyerdynamic.

Is this model easy to fix / mod?
Is it possible to buy replacement parts for it?
Are they really durable, considering the amount of plastic parts? I don't want them to break in half accidentally .
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Beyer>Senn=AKG>everything else
These are the strongest headphones I have ever used, and as they are made in Germany, German Maestro will sell you any spares you need. They are easy to fix/mod.
These are pretty special sounding cans. I have never heard a closed back over-ear HP so neutral&objective. It's more neutral than the 6xx to MY ears(on certain tracks) , simply because the 6xx will get pretty warm sounding when your song has the right frequencies for it. The GMP has more bass, but it doesn't envelope the music in the same way.

Somebody in some thread online said they scale well and I have to agree. I can hear the body the my Modi Multibit puts into these, and I can't say that for all my other mid-fi headphones. Bass is punchy, and possibly very slighty increased, can't remember the graph atm. The mids are my favorite part.. They are transparent, and I get the sensation that I'm not even wearing headphones sometimes, I'm just hearing sound as it is in nature. It's pretty incredible stuff, I will probably buy one of their open backs to really immerse myself in that feeling one day.

Highs are sparkly as well, however I liked the timbre of them, haven't done more than one 4 hours listening bout yet, but I did not get fatigued. There is a lack of detail here though, some highs are favored a bit more than others, I'm not sure why that is.

The Velour pads take the fun out of these headphone for me, mainly in the bass. If you are using it more for reference instead of pleasure then it might be a necessary evil, but I think there are better aftermarket pads out there.

TL;DR, if you want a closed back over ear neutral Headphone with punchy bass (not really full, punchy) I would take the dive. I thought the Thinksound On2's were neutral, but now I've seen the light haha.

Edit: I would like to retract this statement. Though the bass is elevated, these headphone still manage to sound objective and the bass is realistic while not too overblown. If it's not to your liking, I do think a pad change will remedy that.

While I have bought the same brands for mid-fi headphones in the past (558->6XX, SHP9500->X2HR[on the way]> when I say I want to explore GMP again, it's because there was some magic there, as oppose to still looking for magic.
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I got to give you props for writing such a detailed response. Overall I do agree with your sound impressions. I would add however that these headphones have a really detailed mid range than some of the other headphones I have. That being said edm or bass heavy music doesn't sound as good as cans such as V moda crossfades which is made for bass.I have heard that MK3s require an external amp to unlock the full potential, not sure how true that is. I am actually curious how does these compare to the Hifi man 4xx that is always dropped. Ik its comparing open to closed back, dynamic to planar. However its around the same price point and would make a good comparison.
Thanks for the endorsement. I definitely agree with you on the mid range. Unfortunately I haven't tried and V shaped cans, and though i did get my X2HR recently they aren't really V shaped.

I have my magni 3 powering the fostex! But the sound is just not as clear somehow. O.o well anyways, cheers to the GMPs!
Lemme just say, these are amazing. Not as detailed as the 6XX, they can definitely be bassy as much as they can be trebly, but (using velour pads) these are an extremely good pair of closed backs for $150/$170. I mostly got these as a travel pair: easy to drive, durable, and best of all, they're so unassuming (which is maybe just a nice way of saying ugly, although I don't mind the design) that I won't have to worry about anyone trying to steal them.

Only big problem I have is the left ear is a couple dbs louder than the right. I'm sensitive to that sort of thing but I'm still considering contacting Massdrop.
Ive got to say that,while I can understand why you use the velour, it puts my ears so far from the driver i lose all its inherent energy! So i switched back :)
Ludicrously slow shipping -- Pony express would have been faster. The tracking manifest on this stretches for twelve pages. Also-- USPS just left this on my doorstep last evening at six pm, no bell ring and NO signature service for a $150 pair of headphones? Nice one, guys.
It thoroughly impresses me how there isn’t an option to have shipping NOT take place on horseback and canoe. My package has made so many stops with this smart post and it still a week away. I’d pay extra to have 2 day shipping.
Looks like my dbi PRO-705 that I've had for years, other than detachable cord which in my
opinion is a failure point to an otherwise indestructible headphone. What is the difference?
From dbi:
Driving Principle: Dynamic
Nominal Impedance: 35 ohm
Frequency Response: 20 - 27.000 Hz
Sound Pressure Level: 101db (1mW/1kHz)
External Noise Isolation: Appr. 22 dBA
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No question. I wouldn't be surprised if they were 100 percent identical... Again, I've only heard the German Maestro branded ones. Other people have said the drivers are different, but I've not heard the DBI branded ones, so I cannot be sure.
German Maestro are the OEM for other brands, so they are likely identical. You can buy in bulk from them with your brand on them if you like.