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Giant Pineapple Mahjong Artisan Keycap

Giant Pineapple Mahjong Artisan Keycap

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If anyone is interested in the Black/Translucent bottom set, let me know. /u/Lotsati on reddit/discord
Man these came out really nice in person... Would be awesome to have more tiles to fill out a number or function row.
Shit! I didn't see that cyan/black one.

Hopefully drop comes back around-- with more colors
anyway to join the drop again?
Really wanted to get both full sets but couldn't afford it until end of this week :(

If anyone wants to sell their full White/Green set after it drops, let me know ;)
I'd join if there was cherry profile
Yeah same :/
Would totally love this since I like Japanese mahjong. Such a fun game
It’s not Japanese
haha giant pineapple means Diablo in chinese。
I really love these...but unfortunately I don't use any OEM-profile keysets. If these were SA I would 100% be in for a complete set. It would also be great to have the green bottom made of a translucent green plastic - more like actual MJ tiles.
ha-ha one of those keys reminds my of plankton from sponge-bob. hahah. but seriously it does.
I see they align the north, south, east, west correctly, good job Massdrop! Good attention to detail lol.
Make these but with Rummikub tiles (especially the joker) and you've got my money! (even better make them with Alps stems!)
So many memories of playing Mahjong on the SEGA Megadrive just by looking at that Centre key...
not enough for kokushi musou
finally i can bond with my grandparents
Reli nice idea for keycaps but $70+ for 4 keycaps (if I am not mistaken?). Its a bit ridiculous imo...
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yeah, those exist, but so do paid raffles
oh my sweet summer child