Gigabyte GeForce® GTX 1060 G1 Gaming 3G (rev. 2.0)search

Gigabyte GeForce® GTX 1060 G1 Gaming 3G (rev. 2.0)

Gigabyte GeForce® GTX 1060 G1 Gaming 3G (rev. 2.0)

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this card is normally 299$usd what a rip
is this a joke? i just got a gtx 1060 6gb with dual fan for 370CAD way cheaper than this.
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they have a zotac 6gb dual fan gtx 1060 for 378.50$
ah yes I see it, thanks for the help!
It's ridiculous that I bought this card for 170 last November.
Yep, the future is doomed!

MSI 1060 6GB. AMAZON honors small discount over supplier $459.99
I think massdrop just post shit like that to see the comments. Cause no way if you had any common sense you will post some crap like that...
Wow , this has to be a sign that the end is near for insane GPU pricing....or that pc gaming is dead!
Here is another in stock 6gb for $10 less before shipping. it's $349 and still extremely overpriced but sadly a much better deal than this. In case I get the same comment as before the oc clock is listed 3% lower but we all know that means nothing.
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And that's a dead link.
Why are you continuing to look for excuses? My link was to one specific card that was at the price I stated at the time of posting that. There was no need to look any further since every other listing was not sold by newegg. Your picture is not sold by newegg exactly like the falsely inflated price of the things mentioned in my other comment. My comments are not hard to understand and neither is the fact newegg has third party sellers listing items on the newegg website. Your picture clearly says SOLD AND SHIPPED BY OUTLETPC. Why is it so hard to just say massdrop wants in on the profit for these or they are unable to get a better deal? Trying to be dishonest and sneaky is not a good look. I have said twice before I have no issue with massdrop at all. Just this listing and the actions taken trying to fool people who may not know better. I made sure to take screenshots because I knew this tactic would be used again after the response from my first comment. It is extremely sad the direction this has gone. Here is the picture again. The link was directly to that and nothing else.
Damn dawg this shit is pricey
Damn dawg this shit is pricy
Totally not a deal. Isn't it bad enough the crytoclowns buy up everything, now retailers/resellers have tried to trick us by jacking up MSRP? This card was $100 less then this everywhere just two+ months ago.
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Finally, a thought out answer other than just, "hurrr supply and demand you leftist dickheads hurr"
" So as long as I can bring them a better deal than what is currently available I will continue to do so ..."

Except that you aren't offering a better deal at all. As I and many other posters have shown, you're charging quite a lot more than the cards can be bought for directly from manufacturers and from other sites. Again, why are you over charging?
TWO? We can only buy TWO? At twice MSRP? Wow, what a deal!
It’s to prevent miners from buying them all. This price is a steal compared to what they go for on eBay. If you could buy 10+ people would.
How is it 'a steal' when I've been buying 1060 6Gb cards for far less from Nvidia and EVGA for example?