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2 days ago received mine 1070. Only I have coil whine?
Jesus Christ on a ripstick, those 1080s disappeared.

I suppose I'll see if they bring the price back down to ~$400 for next drop, a $520 1080 in Australia would be an absolute dream. Hell, I'd suck a miner off for a 650~ one.
And in the 15 minutes since I posted this, the 1070s are gone. Wow.
Gigabyte is notorious for poor customer service. If you get a defunct device you will have difficult time, or an impossible time, getting it replaced or repaired.

Their 2-Year Global Warranty is a sticker a nothing else.
Pay via PayPal linked to a credit card .. if you try and contact them thru PayPal and have no response after 5 business days, PayPal will refund your purchase .. or cancel the charge on your card saying "service not as described"
Too much dont join the drop, wait for the real Mass price drop, its on the way guys
...What? No
1070 about four months ago on here for $400.
Yep and the market forecast for gpus is actually increasing this year.
anyone on here want a founders edition 1080 brand new sealed for 640?
Sorry dude. There is alot of forums to resell products. Massdrop is not one of them.
you strike a hard bargain haha but hey I don't want to get banned off here so no deal
Come on Massdrop. Where's the Ayymd RX Vega drops? I don't want any Novideo GTX cards.
The Vega cards have been even harder to get than the NVIDIA cards. We have listed a couple of times and I will keep trying to get them.
With crypto crashing you'd think these prices would have dropped a little more by now. I got this same 1070 about four months ago on here for $400. So it's still over 30% higher than that, even though four months have passed. Good card though, the triple fan design keeps it nice and cool. About 10 degrees C cooler than my "better build" two-fan EVGA 1070 Ti's.
It's not crashing. Miners know not to panic anymore. These temporary dips in the crypto market have been normal for years now.
I am one of those miners, and I'm not panicking. I know the volatility has been heavy for some time now, but this latest sustained drop in prices has made mining barely profitable any more, even with efficient cards. Less than 1/4 what it was a month or two ago. But it's certainly not worth it for those considering buying/building new rigs right now.
Any clue on how this will be shipped / packaged? And how it will be mentioned on the box, really dont want to give the mailman a new gpu:P
When I got mine from this drop a few months ago it came in a plain cardboard box that just said Massdrop on it. I think it was Fedex, possibly UPS.
Thanks for the reply. That was the info i was looking for.