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Giottos YTL8384 Carbon Fiber Tripod

Giottos YTL8384 Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Just received mine today. Excellent value for the price. My DSLRs pretty much reach eye level with little or no extension of the center post for me (I'm 5'10") which is very nice.
I was following this drop 12 hours ago last night, and it still said there was a day left. I postponed joining until this morning, but the drop become inactive when I checked. I misunderstood having a day left to mean having more than 24 hours left. Has the order already been placed, and is it possible for me to still join the drop?
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Seems like the drop got shipped... hope to hear the good news soon! :)
Thank you so much!
is the warranty 2 years or 5 years, I thought the video said 5 yrs.
I bought one through Massdrop last year and am quite pleased with it. Imo the best value for a medium duty (to me it's medium duty although some would consider it heavy duty?) tripod. And I love the way the center pole transforms for a different angle - fantastic for macro photography.
Did you end up getting a head for it?
When I first got this tripod I used an older head I had for quite a while with my old aluminum tripod. I later got a iFootage Cobra 2 c180 monopod and Komodo k5 fluid head, which I sometimes use that head on this Giottos tripod depending on what type of photography or video I'm shooting.
Does anyone know what the warranty period on this tripod is. Thanks.
2 Year Limited Warranty
I am in the market for my first tripod, I recently got a Canon 80D... I been looking to Manfrotto and Gitzo brands the later really expensive, seems to be a professional preferred.

How does this model/brand compare to similar models of Manfrotto and Gitzo?''

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Thanks, this helps! Does the tripod broke due to heavy duty use or was more of a normal but still it gave up?
pretty heavy duty use... that's why I had nothing much to complain :)
What's people's takes: This vs the MeFoto Roadtrip?
I own the carbon fiber Mefoto Globetrotter. I looked at the Roadtrip, but prefered the Globetrotter. I like the Globetrotter, because the weight difference between the two is not that much . The Globetrotter easily supports 6-8 lb of camera gear. The only minor fault is the ballhead would a bit larger and the cloth case would be a bit larger. It is a tight fit for the folded tripod . I have had no trouble with the Globetrotter in a year of ownership. I also was lucky to be able to purchase the tripod from a Chinese seller via Aliexpress for $215.00
Now this is quite a deal. :) It's briefly dipped just below $300 on Amazon, but 200 is quite incredible. If it used twist locks instead of levers on the legs I'd be really tempted to replace my current tripod. The cantilever feature seems really great for bending over a table to shoot down without setting up the entire thing ON the table. Just not sure how stable that hinge is.
Yes it's a good price and I purchased for precisely the reason you're opting not to . I have a Gitzo that I paid more than 4X this price for. This tripod's slightly lighter, doesn't have the same load capacity (though I can't forsee I'll ever put 18 pounds on it ). I'm so tired of twisting the leg locks on the Gitzo, and it's not as fast to setup or take down, so the quick release levers can be a benefit depending on POV.
Definitely, so many companies make lever lock tripods, you're definitely not in the minority. I just prefer fewer snag hazards, less chance of pinched fingers (more of a problem with some designs than others), and big gripping surfaces for gloved use etc. I agree it's slower though!
What tripod head would you guys recommend to get with it?
Hard question to answer as you choose a head based on the size and weight of the gear to mount on it. My favorite pod came with a pistol-grip ball head, but there are certain heavy lenses I use that don't quite sit still in use. I need an upgrade, but I also really love the convenience of the pistol grip.