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I got it with a Lamy 2000 from Massdrop.My only return with this site.

Would definitely suggest avoid this.Not consistent leather.Very not consistent.And only fits well with Lamy 2000 as far as I know.
I, on the contrary, urge Massdrop and Glaser to give up.
This looks very nice and well-designed for what it is, and I applaud the effort. However, I'm not sure what it is is worth the price even for the target audience of owners of expensive pens, who tend to own more than one and want them organized together. The primary use case I can see for a single-pen sleeve would be for that one favored pen or pencil you carry for daily note-taking, and for that scenario most people will probably favor a notebook cover with a pen holder.

It does look gorgeous though, and that cutout for the clip hints at careful design that allows all of the pen body to be protected even when the clip isn't deep-carry. I urge Massdrop and Glaser to not give up given the failure of this first drop, and to try and design other products together using the experience from this iteration. Perhaps some type of roll pen case with a better price-per-pen-slot ratio than this, or a notebook cover with a protective pen slot, in both cases based on the design of this single-pen case and fully encasing each individual pen?

I have to say I find the MSRP here a bit arbitrary though if the product is truly exclusive to Massdrop. I'm not sure how best to fix that, though; ideas include not listing an MSRP at all, or to say that the first drop point is the MSRP, possibly making the first drop point simply "1 needed". But those are just ideas. Perhaps the MSRP on this drop is what Glaser would charge if they sold this directly, but that still seems a bit arbitrary since they don't.

It is very lovely and well designed... but I too scoffed at the ridiculous price. We'll pay more for quality items to be sure but we came to this site for bargains first.
Bespoke or not, I'm not dropping even $50 on single slender pen cozy.

I'm clearly not the target audience for this, but I can't imagine anyone who is would hold interest in Massdrop over a direct purchase and immediate shipping.
I don't mean to bing down the party on anyone but an eyeglass pouch is $1-10 and can hold many pens.
I'm sure the leather is fine quality, probably a full grain of some sort. But I'm willing to bet a major reason why this piece of folded leather is so expensive is because they are based in San Francisco, and it's not cheap living there, let alone running a business there.
:P May make more sense if they're selling them to San Franciscans (... is that a word?).
Gatmuffin, I don't want to speculate but from what I can tell this will not hold a bratwurst. I would reach out directly to Glaser Designs and see if they have plans for a Bratwurst sized case. I would assume since they are on the leading edge of hand stitched meat pouches they would welcome some input from their customers.
Yeah, I think high end hotdog carriers is a very neglected market and I applaud them for filling the void in this underdeveloped market. I will personally be buying a dozen and you can find me at the next tailgate with a dozen hotdogs wrapped in hand stitched leather with a "SPECIAL" dye that will add to that extra punch of flavor. Brilliant work Glaser designs!
Just wondering if this case will hold a bratwurst?
Is this a hotdog case?
If anyone is considering this, please note that FPGeeks sells a handmade leather pen sleeve in multiple colors for $17:
Hey all, about how thick is the leather here? About a millimeter or so? I'm just trying to eyeball it from the picture.
Is it defined as a "hard case", meaning it won't squeeze or bend under pressure.

If it's not, and it's just a soft case like most leather cases, I'm not seeing the value of the price (especially at the MSRP) since I have a very nice custom handmade 3-pen case dyed to my color specification for something of that price. ie:
Now THAT is a nice case!
lmfao at this crap. "special dye"..... bs...a close family friend has done leather work for over 25 years and i mean from live cow >boots and this is a complete rip off any decent leather worker could do this for a 20 spot.
source? just google it. you an idiot if you buy this or their bogus sales pitch.
Spot on man
How the fuck does a scrap of leather folded in half and stitched cost fifty dollars?
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I was wondering if the pen case could hold a Mont Blanc 149 size pen?


Thanks for the question! Sorry, but it will be a very tight squeeze. The diameter on the Montblanc is around 14.8mm. The pen case is ideally for pens less than 13.5mm in diameter. I know the pen case can easily fit a Lamy 2000, Lamy Studio, Pilot Vanishing Point and Pilot Falcon. Hope this helps!
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