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Glorious PC Gaming Race Wooden Wrist Rest Bundle

Glorious PC Gaming Race Wooden Wrist Rest Bundle

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why on earth would you want a mouse wrist rest? MAYBE if you're using a ball pointer but this is advertised for gaming.. ????
I made a wrist rest out of legos, duct tape, and batteries because I didn’t feel like spending $30. It works just fine and I even used hot glue for nonslip pads.
Legos? Ouch XD
Jokes aside, that sounds really cool! Could you post pics?

It‘s better than I thought it would turn out.
Any other woodworkers out there? Doesn't it feel like they took 2x4 pine and just used a stain?
I got in on the last drop for this and got the Onyx TKL and mouse wrist rests. I absolutely love my TKL wrist rest, but honestly never use my mouse wrist rest. I just can't get it to be comfortable. Just some food for thought.
If you only need the keyboard rest, it's $25.50 with a 15% off referral code on their own site?
I just received the palm rest and found out this...
what should I do in this case...?
I don't see any RMA request link in Massdrop.

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Yes, I agree, their customer service was very good.
I got the new set of the palm rest without returning the defect ones. Customer Service was handled by Massdrop though. It was great service. Thanks all!
very dissapointed with my wobbly wrist rest (the small one), i can easely slide a coin under a corner. the wood is warped
Nice save on Massdrops part, dogged a bullet with that name.
What's the point of buying it from here when it's $25.50 with a 15% off referral code on their own site?
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Well not the same as mass drop. This includes 2 wrist rests.
Thanks, used your referral code :)
PSA: these are stained / painted.
What is "American-grade"? I think you mean 400% American White Ash wood. American-grade is BS means nothing. Please get someone with a brain to read your copy and fix what makes no sense.
How about VE.A support?
Any Shipping update?
Just a FYI for anyone interested...

I have the full sized keyboard wrist rest. It is a bit rough were the grain is, but I don't notice it under normal use. The only real issue is the color. The onyx looks nothing like the picture. Mine looks like it is just painted with black paint. I like it overall for my needs, but I would look somewhere else if you are expecting something beautiful.