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Glow Audio Amp Two Tube Speaker Amplifier

Glow Audio Amp Two Tube Speaker Amplifier

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In response to some comments, the unit is quite small for a push pull amp. Given its small size it is a very heavy unit, due to the custom, hand wound transformers used in the unit and all steel construction.

The power output is quite good for an el84 based amp. Yes, you can get more power out of el34, 6L6, and various other tubes, but the el84 is a fantastic tube that when properly utilized will sound better than most el34 amps, which tend to sound grainy. Also, the amp is not designed to squeeze the most power possible out of the tubes; running them at their limit shortens their usable life. The amp is designed not for maximum power output, but for great sound and long life. For most speakers, 15 tube watts is quite sufficient.

Yes you can get other amps with more power at this price range, but you must consider the following: Is it hand assembled using point to point wiring, or does it use printed circuit boards? Is it serviced in the USA, or do you have to ship it back and forth to China (at your expense) to get it serviced? Is it designed for durability and long life, or is the plate voltage maxed out to gain more watts, at the expense of sound quality and durability?

This is a quiet, well designed, and well built amp. At this price point, you won't find another hand built amp with its combination of style and performance.
I believe the price is not attractive... better offers in the www
What is shipping going to cost?
Hao do di derk?
There are lots of choice at this price range from Yaqin and Cayin that has more power.
It is times like this I am reminded how poor I really am.

I'll just pretend my Logitech 506's sound better anyway. They are at least loud enough to drowned out the sound of my muffled crying.
I don't know how much power the EL84 needs, but 20 lbs for a tube amp seems suspect -- I doubt those big covers are hiding large transformers if it's that light.
True. But it only consumes 85w to produce 15w ×2. I don't believe you would need very big transformers to supply that type of power. Although, tube amps are usually heavy.
Man this thing looks cool
lol - the S/N and THD on this thing are from a $39 amp.
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I know that THD is what makes the warmth - didn't think it was that high, but I could be mistaken.

I've never heard anyone being in love with low S/N ratios tho....
S/N ratio in the 80s is pretty normal I think. Usually the high 80s, but close enough.
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Ugh... This is SOOOOOO tempting...
Got mine on the previous drop. LOVE the sound but the volume knob ring does not light up. The tubes do but the volume knob never did. The description says it should. Can I get someone to contact me about this?
Can this drive a turntable without any preamp? I do not see a phono input. Thanks.
No. You need a phono pre.
No built in phono preamp because most people want to select their own. They can cost anywhere from $20 (Behringer) to thousands. A good 'sleeper' unit overlooked by many audiophiles is the ART AUDIO DJ Pre-II, For around $50 it is a very quiet unit and sounds as clean and uncolored as many of the better units in the $100 to $200 range such as Rek-o-Kut and NAD. And it has the advantage of gain adjustment which helps when your phono cartridge has a low output as some do. Also has a rumble filter.
How about the bias? Is it auto-bias?
Yes, it is self biasing so you don't need to make any adjustments. Pretty much plug and play out of the box.