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Glycine Airman 44 & 46 Automatic Watch

Glycine Airman 44 & 46 Automatic Watch

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I will end up returning this watch for a refund. Sadly....There is no warranty on this watch to my shock...
mine arrived fairly quick. Problem I am having is GMT hand. It is slightly off. All of my other GMT don't behave like that. Also, when I try to set it, it slips without moving . After few tries, then it would move. Anyone has any issue? How can I get it serviced under warranty? Thanks in advance.
Have you tried contacting the original manufacturer for advice/technical support?
To my surprise, Massdrop recommended to return it since no warranty? So, I returned it and received refund. I had same issue with DC-4 purist version. (I tried to avoid GMT issue but still had movement issue). DC-4 was covered under warranty so it is in service....
Poking around on I discovered that the Lithuanian company Vostok-Europe has a whole slew of these Airman-style watches (three time zones, 24-hour dials, time zone bezel, fourth hand for GMT) watches, total Glycine knockoffs -- except that the designs are really freaky. They're so interesting I'd buy one, except that they are not that cheaper than a Glycine Airman here on Massdrop.
Arrived quicker than I expected in the UK. Very pleased with it. The 44mm is right at the top end of what I'd wear, size wise. Get the feeling you'd need to be a fairly large guy to pull off the 46mm
Trying to figure out how this is a good deal. I can get this at a $495 and yes it is the exact same watch. Just Google "Glycine Airman" and see for yourself.
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42 mm is to small for me... I saw in the Ebay too, But Massdrop offer the best price. Another seller offer more of 200 bucks up. I ordered black 44 mm GMT.
I have seen it since and before this drop on eBay from authorized dealers at a better price with free shipping. So . . .
Hi, I am new to Massdrop. Most likely, this question has been asked by many noobs like me, so please forgive me. I am curious to know if these watches are covered by US warranty or by sellers some internet stores do. Also, serial numbers are intact. Thank you! I would really love to get one of 44mm.
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Thank you so much!!! ūüėÉ
No problem!
These are really fine watches and this is about the lowest price you'll find on one and especially with free shipping. Other models in this brand are significantly more expensive. But this one does it all. You can easily tell time in seconds, minutes or hours depending on which hand you want use. And it's an automatic which probably means the second hand moves in continuously smooth sweep rather than in one second increments. The presentation doesn't say how long it holds a charge since it's dependent on movement to keep charged rather than working of a battery. However, there are very affordable watch cases which will vibrate one or more automatic watches periodically to keep them charged at all times.
Hey all, we were able to secure a slightly lower price on the watch and have added another drop point to reflect that.
I'm confused by the GMT with the 12-hour sweep. Does this mean the main hour hand sweeps at the normal 12-hour rate with a dial that is marked for 24-hours? That seems confusing and weird.
The GMT non-Purist versions have four hands; the fourth hand is the GMT hand that completes a revolution around the dial every 24 hours. You can set this hand to GMT/UTC time, set it to track a different time zone and use the 24 Hour bezel to track a third time zone.
The Pursit version only has three hands, and the hour hand completes a revolution every 24 hours. The Purist version can only track two time zones; the four-hand version can track three time zones.
The hour hand makes two revolutions per day so it keep the time in 12hrs format. The GTM hand (the really thin one) is keeping the time in 24hr format so makes a single revolution per day.
These are cheaper on eBay by about $180 for each option.
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That's not this watch though? That's the double twelve which is a cheaper and smaller model with no Gmt complication (in the movement).
Good point. It’s a shame they look almost exactly alike
I'm a little disappointed that the Chinese horoscope version is not offered in this drop:


I'm trying to figure out what that fifth hand is for.
Edit: It's not a fifth hand, but rather the butt side of the hour hand, pointing in the opposite direction. This must a purist version, with the extension at the end of the hour hand pointing to the 12-hour time when the hour hand was pointing at the 24-hour time, for those unable to do the conversion in their heads, I suppose. The GL0057 purist photo is not showing this, so they must not do it anymore. Looking at the Glycine website now I see that only the Airfighter versions have the little hour hand stub.
All of the Base-22s use that as the main hour hand. It seems a bit unnecessary on the GMT model but it's what they've done.
What, no 50mm? Is this a girls' watch?
They do make a 42-mm version, and there's a 43-mm turtle case version. Very strange that they make the same watch in so many case sizes.
i wonder... 6 options GMT and only one for the 24 hours.
I think it's missing something ... the odd numbers.
FYI - this family owned business was bought by Invicta(see logo on dial), check out this post:
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I purchased a Combat Sub, hoping to get an older model with the drilled lugs and old logo but ended up receiving the newer - post-Invicta purchase model w/o drilled lugs and with the Invicta-ized logo. Mildly bummed here but the watch keeps incredible time - +2/day - and is very comfortable on the wrist, so my complaints are minimal.
BTW - Maltman is the name of the street I live on.
I agree, they are excellent timekeepers.
Great name for a street if you are into single malt Scotch whisky.
Which model of these is the purist,
As far as I can see, only the GL0057 is a "purist" model. All the rest are GMT models. Simple way to check is 3 -v- 4 hands.
Would be in if it was the 42 mm version...:(
The 42mm version is available on eBay for the drop price.
Greetings, I bought Airman 18 in the last drop. It's awesome. I work in 3 different time zones, and one of which is in India. It's the only automatic watch (within reasonable price range) that can pull off the half hour timezone as the rotating bezel can be held at half hour. It's brilliant and it's reliable. Highly recommend it.
Bought the black/black (GL0070) version of this for $729 (cheapest I've seen these anywhere else) a couple of weeks ago. Really nice watch, I was very impressed when it arrived.
On ebay its 420$ LOL
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True. My fault. But the difference in price is still strange
At a guess, difference in size and I don't think the double twelve has the gmt complication. Only a second time zone using the bezel.