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It was hard to choose which color I wanted. Beautiful watch maker. Happy to have one at a good price. I purchased a nato strap to replace the all black look. If you are thinking about this watch, go for it. You won't be disappointed.

If you can't beat Glycine Direct, massdrop, you need to quit trying. 10% less, Free returns and free shipping and the same ACTUAL 2 year mfr warranty, not 'if they don't honor it we will' which pretty much means that Massdrop doesn't confirm there's a valid warranty from the manufacturer, even if stated. (that was the final answer to a support question I put in regarding warranty from manufacturers)
8mm thickness?? Does anyone have any side profile shots?
as previous owner of a glycine , i ve bought this to have a daily beater watch, quality is not as glycine should be so this brand is invicta all the way , another cheap watch far away from swiss made
If someone can not wait one month, I am selling the black version GL0150 I bought it here on Massdrop in previous drop. It is still sealed brand new, it comes with everything in the box and 2 year warranty (Also mine comes in premium large square box not what you see in the photos of this drop, I will even ship it to you in the Massdrop box that I received). North American buyers only please, Canada & USA. Same price. (My email is: )

Will the water resistance hold up after battery change I wonder
If you take it to a mall guy and get a $10 battery change then there is a chance that the gasket (I'm presuming it has one) may not be properly reseated when the caseback is put back on. If you go to a watchmaker that can do a waterproofing/pressure test after replacing the battery then you will have more peace of mind. Just don't expect it to cost the same as the mall guy - you pays your money, you makes your choice.
depends on who changes the battery and whether they get the gasket back on properly
Glycine Direct on eBay has them for $179 with free shipping. They are an authorized reseller.
Find watchgoroo on ebay and make an offer for 180, he will accept it , it comes with full warranty , i have one from this , it was at my door in 2 days , no point waiting , plus if you have ebay bucks or a coupon , it make it sweeter , You are welcome
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Also worth noting watchgooroo has actual customer support - ie. if you buy an Airman auto, she will check that all the hands align properly before sending it to you...
oh jeeze didnt know that! thanks for that input!
Ok. So I bought this in the August drop. Received it some time in September. Today is November 5, and it's stopped working. I assumed it was just the battery went to have it changed. Battery still works but the movement is stuck up. Hour hand is stuck on 3 and won't move. Even if I pull the crown and manually adjust it. I'm in the Philippines and the nearest glycine service center is in hong Kong. I'm so pissed about this MD
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Put in a support request, if the manufacturer does not honor the warranty, Massdrop says that they will
Yea. Sent it to the glycine service center in Hong Kong. They gave me the number to the invicta service center. Left the watch there. They'll get back to me in a week.
Dude why so much hate on Invicta the watch is still correct me if I'm wrong still produced in the same production. for the price it's a win for a well made quartz movement sapphire crystal.
My belief is that any production since the Invicta acquisition has the revised Glycine logo whereas the watch indicated has the "original" Glycine logo. Similar things are happening with Breitling since IWC have taken an interest. Anyway, for me no need to huff and puff and sink to foul language .... if I like a watch and can afford it - I buy it !
why no shipping to germany?
Thank you for revealing (whoever revealed it on this thread) that Glycine is now under Invicta control. I have owned more Invictas than I'm willing to admit, and I will be passing on this watch because Invicta is directly involved.
Can anyone confirm 8mm case thickness??? It looks much larger then 8mm.
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Truly thick, for a quartz. Like two quartz watches stacked. (Would have been dreamy at 8mm!)
Then it's kind of misleading advertising from the MD, don't you think? Also, regarding the advertising. When I received my last package from MD two days ago, the delivery man from Canada Post asked me kindly to pay the $28 fee. I've never paid any fees for MD boxes entering Canada this was the first. Then I write an email to MD regarding this and so far it's been three days and I got no answer.
Very good price and dial layout, especially the blue one. But lug to lug is still on the bigger side, if this is 42mm case and 48mm lug to lug would be much more wearable.
Price is really good for a 20 ATM water resistant watch with sapphire crystal but this has nothing to do with Glycine. This is destroying the brand or whats left of it.
Shitter watch, invicta airman is not a quartz watch, and it should never be. It's a real shame Invicta bought glycine, a brand with true heritage. Fuck you Invicta marketers, designers and directors.
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Invicta uses some perfectly fine movements, they have used Seiko, Miyota and Swiss Ronda and even ETA, it's not the movements, it's the watch itself, regulation of the movements, and overall QA, in my opinion...
i get the quartz movements are fine, i'm just saying it's not their market, the watches are cheap enough. Doing cheaper quartz watches right now just confirms the change of direction that invicta management is making. It was the moment to prove they would not destroy their lineup, and that-s exactly what they-re doing.
Would buy, if it had a 24 hour dial and bezel.
Looks like Glycine is moving down market? Really don't like this piece, it'd be better branded as a Invicta. Although it looks like an Airman it just doesn't seem to have the "soul" of one.
Date placed above emblem... Hmm...
for the price i am inn, if it is to anything glicine used to be before invicta it is a good deal...
Please MD I need the Combat Sub 42 mm and also time for the Goldeneye.
What you need is a few more airmans before the next combat sub drop. :~)
Please MD can we get a break from Glycine, Ball and Oris?
Is the 8mm thickness accurate?? It doesn't look like an 8mm thick watch (with rotating bezel). As noted in other comments this doesn't appear to be anywhere else on the internet. Some of the previous comments are from a different watch drop (photo posted 10w ago).
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Same here. 14mm is not justifiable, for a quartz.
You're welcome!
I just googled "Glycine GL0151" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Does this have a screw-down crown? If so, I'm in...
I'll take quartz accuracy over mechanical charm any day
nice watch!
>239.99 >Quartz
I ordered the white/tan model, does anyone know where we can buy a 22mm authentic black band like on the other available? Would like to have both to swap back and forth.
Going to email them, I do not see a size in the specifications section.
FYI, received responses from a couple places around the $100 - $120 area.
Original Glycine only made Swiss automatic, which was respectable as a second tier Swiss watch went. Since then it was purchased by Invicta, no thanks with their designs, and it seems they are using Glycine once good name to profit from it. Google Glycine with Invicta, you will see they are selling Glycine automatic watches at “50%” off (psst! Jomashop is even cheaper)...Anyway I also googled the Ronda Swiss quartz, surprising you can get one for $35.00 . So here is my guess, Invicta is testing to use everything else parts of Glycine and make it a “monster“ watch with quartz instead. I’d check out prices of discounted automatic Glycine models (Jomashop, Amazon,...others) bf making a decision on this one. I think I will pass on this “exclusive” deal.
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An Airman should be a 24 hour watch, end of. This is kind of embarrassing. I hope nobody buys this.