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Glycine Airman SST12 Automatic Watch

Glycine Airman SST12 Automatic Watch

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Any one else received their Purist to find the handset is completely different?
Also no coin included to adj the internal bezel.
And a minor point but the dial on the gl0144 is a little darker blue than depicted
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I did get a warranty card it was in a silver envelope jammed inside the lid of the box , stamped GSD Global Inc.
I did also find the coin :) , how i missed it first time i don't know.
Not sure what's going on with the hands, possibly as these are the new Sellita versions Massdrop have simply used old eta pics .
Thanks Chris. Found the warranty card in the outer box lid just like you said.
I bought the blue dial and blue strap GMT model. My other watches have hour hands that do a rotation every 12 hours and I was afraid that, if I bought the purist model, I would get confused. I really want this watch for travel, because of the extra time zones. Even when I flew in the Navy, my watch did a full rotation every 12 hours. It's a handsome watch and I'm glad they are using their old emblem. And I like the particular ETA movement that they use in this model.
Is shipment tracking available on Massdrop?
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Yep. I get it too. Seems that we have to wait a bit for DHL tracking system update
Afraid so, it'll probably be working once customs charges need to be paid lol :)
Are there any models that do a 24 hour sweep on the hour hand and the GMT hand? I get the impression that the purist models put the hour hand on the GMT sweep.

I don't see the point of a 12 hour sweep on a 24 hour dial, but it would be nice to track 3 time zones on 24 hour.
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There's an extremely limited run of the Double 24 that seems to be the trick. But I don't think that's an option any time soon.
Yes the double 24 a rare bird indeed, pretty much impossible to find these sadly.
Will they all come with the old glycine logo?
Yes, all SST models have the original crown style logo as seen in the images.
I am torn between the base22 and the sst12, somebody please send helpūüė≠
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I got the sst12 pumpkin and i love it. It us my only teue 24hr dial and sweep. Very fun and looks great.
Wish i could. Hopefully i can grab one on the next Base 22 drop :)
Just received my pumpkin purist gl0146 and it has the arrow hand! Original glycine logo beautiful watch very happy with it. Did other people that got theirs have the arrow hand or the straight hand?
So, the purist will only display two time zones, correct? The inner ring of 1-24 is fixed, and there is no fourth hand to indicate a third time zone on that ring.
That is how I understand it.
It does. I love that on my Base22 Purist. The GMT does not work for me.
Has anyone put a good quality Nato strap under the factory pins of the Glycine SST12, GL0075? There is a sharp 90 degree that allows for the pin-inserted leather strap under it, but I have been buggered trying to get the Nato under it... anyone? Bueller?

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Looks good tho!
You just have to work it thru and then grab the small piece you can get through and then pull, then repeat. I t all come down to how thick your NATO band is.