Glycine Airman Vintage 1953 – Massdrop Exclusivesearch

Glycine Airman Vintage 1953 – Massdrop Exclusive

Glycine Airman Vintage 1953 – Massdrop Exclusive

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Mmm Massdrop exclusive ?
How is it possible this watch is on sale now at Jomashop ?
Just arrived in Denmark! What can I say? I love it. Cant find one negative thing to complain about. Especially not the Price. And this looks so much like the very first Airman as far as I can see.
Looks very nice! I should have received mine by now but UPS sent on a side trip to Canada before making its way down under to Australia. It has added another week. Idiots! Looking at your picture I'm sure it's worth the wait. Enjoy yours in good health.
The leather nato works great.
Can you link me to where you brought the strap from?
I received my package this afternoon
I'm really surprised, i don't waiting it so soon

But i'm disappointed, i have a sellita SW330 inside instead of an ETA 2893

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What number did you get ?
MASSDROP give to me a tracking number of DHL GLOBAL MAIL, but this number is a tracking number of UPS. i found the relation by search in google with this number. The link of massdrop, doesn't work with DHL
Really a shame, a bad work, its my last time on massdrop
Im vere dissapointed
use your DHL global mail tracking number on UPS website tracking, and you find your package.
I received my package this afternoon :o)
Hmm, a bit surprised that noone posted anything about the watches being already shipped almost 2 weeks earlier than expected?
Well, the answer to the exclusivity of this drop has been answered:

This watch is now available from a popular AD on eBay. One at auction with a starting price of $500 and two available at an asking price of $1995 or best offer.

Ironically, make a deal for it there and you'll receive it long before anybody does from this drop.
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Hi there, there was a miscommunication with our vendor; we were under the impression that the model would be an exclusive and only released to the general public at a much later date.

For the current Airman Quartz watch we have asked Glycine to make sure the release is at least later than when members receive their products.

Apologies for the confusion.
It's still an excellent price given the current market, but will there be any recourse for this? Purposeful or not, it's clearly NOT an MD exclusive in any way, shape, or form.
Well, I decided to pull the trigger in the last couple of minutes , I just couldn't resist. And now my favorite part - the waiting game begins :)
Really looking forward to this re-dropping when I have money.
Waiting the next drop to buy a Glycine 1953 vintage.
Can't wait to get my hands on it. June 18 can't come fast enough! Come on MD, please don't screw up my order on this one.
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A sling bag was shipped but never arrived and a sneakers was canceled by MD. Both were promptly refunded but I'd rather have the items instead of a refund. A refund also means a loss to me because I'm paying by credit card and the difference in currency rate will have to be paid out of my pocket
No that's a bummer.. I'm with you on the currency exchange issues, I've also suffered greta losses due to refunds in USD in the past. PayPal are bastards..
With just 5 hours left I'm still too conflicted on this purchase. On one hand, it's a quality watch that offers some unique appeal that I've really liked for some time. On the other hand, I have much reason for concern, especially given this would be my first drop. The inconsistencies in the pictures provided & the reports from previous drops have me skeptical on whether or not this will prove to be worth the uncertainty.

Might another beer or two sway me to pull the trigger? I'm hoping so.
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I own a DC-4 that I bought elsewhere and I had problems too. As far as I could tell, everyone selling DC-4s in the USA had the same supplier. I haven't heard of problems with any other Glycine models, so I believe it was the DC-4 itself rather than Massdrop.
I'm not from massdrop or the other mob. I'm just a bloke on a farm who likes watches and I think this is a beaut! Can't wait for it to drop on my barn!