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Glycine Airman Vintage 1953 Automatic Watch

Glycine Airman Vintage 1953 Automatic Watch

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I have been thinking about getting an airman, gonna have to pass, not satisfied with MDs explanation here. Can't be confident in what I'd be getting
copy that jm, i did order, and got 1 pic of the sister watch and the receipt another picture. then in trying to clear it up with a deeper look at their website found a couple of pictures of the same, 24 hour watch, with incorrect numbers for both pic but the same watch,

, making me feel a little weak kneed about md. i seriously don't know what watch is going to show up.
I am relatively new to the massdrop community and just want to make sure I am understanding the current situation with this watch. the description is for a different glycine watch that was previously sold on massdrop? massdrop did not make an effort to change the description of the pictured watch to accurately describe the watch? its sort of confusing
The description has been since updated and, while brief, looks accurate but I'm worried about the model numbers per my post below. Given MDs often brief descriptions and economical photos, I usually try and look products up elsewhere before pulling the trigger here. Not being able to find GL0218 anywhere else on the web is concerning.
Now on jomashop for 550 usd!!!
I think that is a different model as GL0217 it still shows higher to me and GL0218 does not appear to exist anywhere else besides Massdrop.
Bull Shit 725 usd on Jomashop
It is hard to tell from the photos what the difference between the GL0217 and GL0218 models are. The obvious difference is the strap color, but the GL0218 appears to have darker hands. Is that correct or is it just a reflection in that one photo?

I cannot find the GL0218 mentioned online anywhere. Unless this is a Massdrop exclusive, the only model I can find that is similar is 3904.19H24/66.TB9 but that has a 24h dial instead of the shown 12 hour one. Can someone please verify the photos are accurate and mention any differences between the offered models?
For those looking at this drop, it looks like the watch with the black strap is GL0071
Sorry for all the confusion with the specs here, guys. We had used this same page for the GL0157 a while back and I didn't catch the copy references to that specific model.

This drop is for the GL0217 & GL0218 models.
Seeing the comments and flagged. Will get this sorted out. Thanks everyone.
Fuck you, Massdrop. This drop is deception. You should be sued. Put up the correct fucking photos or description.

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Apologies for the confusion here, I didn't catch that the copy was from the previous run of this drop.
The copy of what?

You still haven't fixed it!
I have always had good luck with my Massdrop purchases (including all of my Glycine purchases) but I have to admit, the copy describing this drop really puts a damper on their credibility. It almost looks like someone selected the copy from the GL0157/58 ‘53 Vintage drop several weeks back and plugged it into this watch a GL0217/18. Makes you wonder whitch watch you are getting.... so is it the wrong picture or the wrong description. Gotta believe it’s an honest mistake but whoever is doing the copy (or picture layout) needs to wake up and smell the roses. I’ll wait till they figure out which watch they are offering.
Yep that’s what it looks like they did. if you read the specs you will see it’s for the GL0217/218 and the pics show a GL0157/158.
I think they just grabbed a photo of another watch, and the model you select will be the one shipped.

Still a little...lazy, but I guess it works.
SO. Is this watch worth buying cause I can definitely vouch for the spinnaker watches.!!!!!!. OR It ain't worth 2 cents in Chinese money. . ?????

That was all in caps because it needs attention. Please think about this. If you're trying to make a few thousand dollars in sales, it is important to be clear on what you are selling and that the description is correct. On virtually every Glycine listing, the listing is incorrect and then is gradually corrected. Why not spend a few minutes and get it right the first time and spare yourself all these comments and confusion?
You’d think the proof-reading would get better over time, not worse