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Glycine Airman Base 22 Watch

Glycine Airman Base 22 Watch

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I think something is wrong with this watch. I set the 11 o'clock and do not show this hour and look at the clock pointer.
Ther its ok:
i'm disappointed, no blue dial sold :o(
Shit I only just saw the email with this drop now... with 4 hrs to go.

Goddamn it, guess Ill have to wait until it comes back. I should leave more in the bank...
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Bruh same but for bills.... I can go without power, who needs power?
Thats what I said to my rommate, that SOB has Glycine Airman No.1 40mm.
This looks really cool.

42mm is about the biggest size I can wear without looking ridiculous.

Unfortunately, the long lugs make this unusable for me.

If it had short lugs, like the Seiko Flightmaster, this watch would be much more wearable.
@Glycine-USA Can you add the GL0204 blue dial model please ??
After a long time I've been back to MD and they grew a lot but their service has gone down substantially, Automated replies without any further contact and these Glycine drops having misaligned hands ? WTH. And the cost is so steep to allow such flaws, and the damn friction of bezel..It's a disaster. I wonder about their water resistance now, I remember Maratac having such issues despite their superb design.

Also the Base 22 used to ship with ETA not Selitta, Anyways seems like the deal with Invicta is showing, I guess the Glycine is dead, A shame to watch industry, even their site has out of date scripts and no HTTPS . Sad to see such brand ruined due to this stupid Invicta.

And my suggestion to all you guys, Look for microbrands for much much better solid watches for less prices. Have a look at Obris Morgan, they are solid and superb value, and Zelos, Halios, Gavox and Aevig or the famous Steinhart, affordable quality made. Oh the Autodromo as well.

Hope this helps.
"Hope this helps."

...It doesn't.
Wish that the luminous model had an arrow on the hour hand. Old eyes need as many cues as possible, especially in the dark.
Anyone knows any modders that do this watches? I am planning for a 24hour dial, and 12hour bezel.
If the blue dial was an option, sure.
finally the base 22, great price and warranty
wonder what the MD watch babies will complain about next :thinking:
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At least 2 of those guys are trolls looking for an easy thrill.
you're not wrong there. gg for the measured comment.
Wish there was one's with white.. They're so classic
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Stop with the burn! 😝
I also have a black that fades into navy blue dial, also on a signed Glycine metal bracelet. Both are PURIST models. As with many watch collectors, we're always on the hunt for other watches to buy, and that means some have to go to make room for the next "new" one!
I d rather have this WWI homage than this mess designed by 12 years old.
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As far as homage watches go, I'd rather have a copy of something tasteful like Chronoswiss than an unfortunate original design. Please link me to the Chronoswiss homage watch for 200. I might buy it.
And that is of course your choice, i personally like the Airman design but i do recognise it definitely isn't for everyone.
Here's the link;
I have one of these and its a very nice watch and notably has the same case and 8215 movement of the one you posted to, hope this helps :)