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Glycine Airman Base 22 Watch

Glycine Airman Base 22 Watch

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Hour hands misaligned on my purist :(
Massdrop needs to do a better job:

1. crystal description incorrect - flat not domed
2. thickness description incorrect -11.2mm not 12.9mm which I view as a good thing
3. movement description inaccurate SW330-1 not SW300-1 which is presumably better
4. hour hand picture different than pictured - not good red tip advertised looks much better

Nice product but...
All original Base 22 models had flat crystal, except the Bi-color model.
Received my purist base 22, the hands misaligned and it comes with a flat crystal, I will try to contact my local invicta service center see if they can help fix it :(
This is really disappointing. Almost every airman they sell on here has reports like this. At least there haven't been any bad reports for the 1953 yet. 3 misaligned out of 70 sold is not a good enough ratio. Not even close.
Received mine. While it is beautiful and my hands are aligned, there is a little resistance in the bezel action. A bit of supplementary friction that make the bezel hard to turn, even fully unlocked and gives a feeling of metal grinding on metal a bit. Nothing like my 1953 MD LE that shares the exact same bezel and case (pretty sure).

Also, the crystal is not domed like the description stated.

my GMT hand misaligned :(
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Did massdrop contacted you? All I got was the automatic reply email last week :(
I got auto reply as well. Still waiting to hear from them about warranty work
anyone else tracking number with DHL not working? cant track this, getting a little worried
is a UPS shipment and there you have to follow the tracking
Cheers mate. They fake me out with that DHL link..
Been lusting for this piece since I've heard of it. But may I know how much was it in the last drop? Just barely missed it...
I think this one was 660
Hi all,
When I look at independent reviews the case thickness for the airman base 22 is in the 10.5-11.5mm range. However, the thickness in the Massdrop and the official Glycine websites is 12.9mm. Does anyone knows what could explain this difference? Different cases since 2010-2014 even if the reference number starts by 3887? Lugs going bellow the caseback?
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Hi, may I know what was the price at the end of the drop? Just missed it...
Don't think so.
costs less on amazon
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Ummm no
I cannot find it cheaper, please post link.