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Glycine Combat Chronograph Automatic Watch

Glycine Combat Chronograph Automatic Watch

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I've just received mine, after a first attempt and an empty box.
Maybe that's the reason why MD shipped mine via UPS, I hope it's not their new shipping policy. Those express carriers are deal breakers with their fees on top of VAT.

I chose the GL0100 for its sleek dial that doesn't look like a chrono.
I changed the strap because this watch deserves more than a nylon NATO.
Lumes are very clean.

PS: Price was $599.99.

PS2: Chrono is not working properly, second hand gets stuck at 59sec, minute hand doesn't engage and balance wheel stops oscillating. It's a curse!

Update: I received an answer from the support and the options were to send back the watch for refund ( but after having to pay VAT and importing fees that was not an option ) or send the watch for repair in the US ( I'm in France, that would mean shipping charges both ways and the risk of additional importing fees ).
While waiting for an answer from the support, I had a look at the 7750 PDF and identified a problem with the minute counter jumper which was not in contact with the minute wheel. After getting the answer from the support I decided to open the watch to check the issue and my chrono is now working fine.
I thought that this could help some 7750 owners, so I'm posting the procedure which is pretty simple.
All you have to do is carefully realign the minute counter jumper ( 46 ) with the minute counting wheel ( 38 ), jumper should be centered between two teeth ( A ), that's it.
Minute counter jumper:
Interested if more GL0099 show up
If only the white and gold one was available... damn it!
I've just received my package and the Glycine box was empty!
Anybody with the same bad surprise?
To those who received their watch recently and still have the shipping box, could you tell me the weight printed on your shipping label ( just above tracking barcode )?
Thanks for your help.

Edit: I received a full refund from MD.
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so far all three Glycine watches ( one was returned for refuns, one works ok with very weak lume, one is in service under warranty) I ever received from same vendor came with watches tumbling around , loose in the box as well.
with DC-4( at the service) that was my last Glycine..... even though this watch is very tempting for movement sake...
Believe me, when you open the box, you prefer finding a $600 watch tumbling around than a pillow.
Sure I received a refund in the end, but how do you prove that the box was empty?
I like it!!

Condor jacket?
Received today, fast shipping and 2 days before the scheduled.
Is perfect and I love it. I'm waiting other 3 packages from massdrop to Italy shipped during the first days of December, and this shipped in few days ago arrive first.

For info, to Italy I payed 128,88€ for custom.
The exchange reduce the gap, but is not a lot for the price of the watch.

Here 2 pics at my wrist.
Just got mine today. Just one issue... The rotor spins so freely it is both audible and wobbly like an out of balance washing machine. Is this a defect of mine or just how this model is? I have a dozen other automatics and none do this.
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My rotor is turning fast with poor movement, I think is normal. I have a glycine combat sub and other 7750 and the glycine is fast, other ones are slightly different. I consider it a good think, the rotor is well balanced and spinn rapidly with less movement
I put it aside a day and then put a different strap on it. The nylon NATO strap exacerbates the problem. With a leather strap or bracelet it's much better. Still can barely hear it, but I can't feel it anymore.
Another question: In the stock photo of the 0099, the date is black with white numbers. In most of the user uploaded images, it's a white with black text. Is that a year/model thing?

edit: Sadness. I want the old model.
Lol I'm so annoyed that the 3924.15AT LB7BH is sold out everywhere
If someone whant to upload a good photo of the Watch would be great! I also non very convinced on the dark model, I was looking for the white and gold.
Ooh, this is beautiful! I prefer my 24 hour purist, but this one is close! (Nicer styling)
Does the black strap version have the darker face with red tics? Or do they have the same face?
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Honestly which ever you get, you won't be disappointed
Also for me, it was the final item for the decision.
My esitation was about the clarity with low light, i think there is also a a difference between the two.
How is the lume?