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Glycine Combat Sub 48mm Automatic Watch

Glycine Combat Sub 48mm Automatic Watch

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Anyone received it yet?
Already shipped, very quick.
Since there is no 24 hour (GMT) hand, what use are the 13-24 markings on the dial? Kombat time? Seems like a way to make even a large watch face less easily readable. And always that fauxlex round hour hand.
people complaining about it being 48mm. Bigger sizes suit some people a lot better. I have large wrists and this would go perfectly for me.
It has begun
It's comical to me people are hating on these because of their size. Sorry, but 42mm just doesn't work for everyone. These are nothing but big, handsome, quality watches made for those with larger wrists. Very excited to see in person!
i love this watch with this nato strap
48mm its ok the 42 versión is small for me
This is a big watch, but Glycine markets the Combat models as rugged, military, sporting pieces - and I'd think more intended as waterproof aviation pieces rather than a dive watch. I think if one wants a highly legible, because it's big, all purpose outdoor adventure watch, this fits the bill. No need to piss on it for being a 48mm, when they offer a 42mm as well.
You can use a leg for it ...
I bought the Combat Sub 42 at the last drop. I hated it upon first sight, really tiny for a diver at 42 mm x 10.6 mm. That's O.K. for other styles of watches, but it seemed silly for a diver. I unloaded it and looked at my options, one of which was this 48 mm version, but it's too big and yet still too thin at 11.3 mm, out of proportion and too flat even if the diameter is O.K. for you. Also, the lug style wears big since they go more out than down.

What I ended up getting is the third Glycine diver, the Combat Sub Aquarius. It's pricier, about $650 discounted, but it's a perfect sized chunky diver at 46 mm x 18.8 mm thick, with downward curving lugs to wear small. It was designed in consultation with a famous European diver to be a more genuine dive watch, so it has thick Sapphire, double domed, a helium valve (yeah, silly), and only comes with a silicone strap, a good one, with deployant and a wetsuit extender. The bezel is ceramic, not an insert, but all ceramic.

The Aquarius model numbers are GL0037 through GL0041, five colorways. I really recommend the Aquarius out of the three Glycine divers. It's a really solid, substantial feeling watch.
Interesting. The divers that the Combat Sub emulate (SUBmariner) are 40mm which was a pretty functional size for a long time. I too have had the Aquarius for about a year and it really is the sweet spot for me.
48mm.... Comes with free carrying sling I'm assuming.
Another historic brand destroyed.
go, go invicta!
LOL 48mm!!
48 mm? really?
Hm.. Not bad)
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