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Glycine Combat Sub Bronze Automatic Watch

Glycine Combat Sub Bronze Automatic Watch

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Gotten mine, going to swap the strap.
Lug width wrong! Stated 24mm Actual 22mm. My deal just got not so good. I purchased 3 straps and a bronze tang in 24mm Really guys?
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I meant sending a screenshot of this to the strap merchant and ask for an exchange for 22mm straps.
Yeah.. as stated not feasible my strap guy guy is in the UK.
i received it today thank you @Glycine-USA now i'm waiting my airman bronze GL0167 ;o)
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Very nice brown on bronze.
Is the black bezel suppose to look brownish? Because that's what I'm getting on my GL0242
That's the 48mm, correct? In the pictures it seemed those had a brownish-black bezel as opposed to the others. I kept noticing it and sought other pics online too.
It's the 42mm with a blue-black dial actually.
Just got mine. Decent quality. My only question... Is the face of the GL0187 supposed to have a greyish look?

It appears to be the look they were going for. All of the dial options seem to be slightly textured and have a sunburst / gradation effect. I think it looks great on the brown GL0188.
It does kinda grow on ya. Very interesting. The quality is very good imo. Light on the wrist. Comfortable.
Just received my 42mm version. Looks great but I'm about to submerge it in a solution to accelerate the patina.

Also I’m on the drop but haven’t seen the watch yet and still done with Glycine and mass drop after this. These are for sale from them direct on eBay for well lower than here, brand new and ready to ship and eBay bucks for the kicker. Absolute BS and will not hesitate to warn anyone I see asking about either company. Very annoyed.
And why does it take over a week to get this...especially since I’m on the east coast and it ships from east coast...damn crazy...just ridiculous
Please excuse the negativity I'm about to spew... because I'm in on this drop too... and own a number of Glycine models both from the past and present. I'm sad to say that my love of this company and it's work is waning as they have become something of a street hawker and in my opinion it is really reducing the perception of quality and value of their incredible heritage. I have had little negative to say about Glycine as they have always presented exceptional value and design. Unfortunately, price has become their focus... which may be from the weight of the Invicta ownership legacy. I noted today that there is an eBay seller that uses Glycine's old logo and is called Glycine-Direct... selling ALL the current styles at such low prices that any reference to "retail" price appears as nothing more than an insult to our intellect. Here is a link to this eBay seller's listing for the Combat Sub Bronze that we all just bought here on MD: Sorry Glycine... but this strategy (whether directly involved in the Glycine-Direct ebay listings or not) will exclude you from my perception of value and collect-ability. Sad to see this exquisite brand go to a price marketing model.
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That's the one!
I will say the watch looks and feels great so far. I got the GL0188 Brown. The dial has a slight sunburst effect and I do quite like it.
Just got the delivery notice.
WOW I can’t stop !!! 0187 in 42mm for me too...
0187 in a 42mm is the ONE! $420, bam!!!
Oh man I waited for too long and now the 0174 is sold out!! Hope MD brings it back again soon
So I hear Invicta now owns Glycine...(sarcasm). Look up which watch brands Swatch owns.
I'm sceptical of that MSRP. Just because Invicta now owns Glycine.
MSRP was actually pretty close to the mark. This drop was nearly a 50% savings from prices I'd seen on other sites.
Why don't they have one with a brown bezel and black background like the golden eye?
Found the Glycine-USA seller on eBay has lowered prices on select watches including the Golden Eye and one that I have been wanting GL0089 stainless with blue dial and blue bezel with some PVD Rose Gold added. At 359.00 can't go wrong. I love my stainless black dial black bezel. Now on two years and very accurate.
Do these still have 60-click bezels? I have Goldeneye (brown-gold with drilled lugs), looks great, 10.8mm thick, running -2s a day, but bezel action feels bad and lume is weak. They need an update but design is fantastic.
Glycine-USA was selling these for 359.00 on eBay thru November and December. Then raised their prices above 500.00 USD. I have a Combat Sub I bought here and is excellent. Was made post Invicta Buyout. Don’t know, but I want another. Mine is well within COSC Chronometer specs...
Seen some select Combat Subs being sold on eBay now by Glycine-USA for 349.00 not bronze.
Can anyone confirm the authenticity of this product. Is it still the same combat sub in terms of movement and construction?

Is it an ETA movement still or did they switch to Sellita? 25 jewels seems to suggest it's ETA but when I bought a combat 6 recently, I got a 26 jewel SW-200
My combat 6 holds the time exactly since one week. With +/- 2 seconds , +2 while wearing -2 at night it stays exactly at the time I adjusted. I own 2 Atlantic worldmaster with the selitta sw-200 , also fascinatingly precise.
I seriously doubt it’s an ETA. Mine was bought on Massdrop, and the description stated clearly that it was an ETA 2824. However, the movement failed and it turns out it was a Sellita 200. You could ask Massdrop, but I doubt they know what’s in the watch.
Where does massdrop ship these from ?
the moon
Typically New Jersey I believe.
I’m tempted, but a cautionary tale here. About 18 months ago I purchased the 42mm Combat Sub off MD, with the ETA 2824 movement. After a month or so, I began to notice a “grainy” feeling in the stem when hand winding, changing the date or time, etc. At first, I considered it tolerable. Fast forward to no longer hand winds, and feels like the stem tube is failing. It’s going to my certified watchmaker for a look next week. More likely than not, the repair will cost half of the original purchase price. I own other watches with ETA 2824 movements, as well as numerous Miyota and Seiko units. The only failure I’ve ever experienced of this nature is with the Glycine. Your experience may be much better- likely so. But I’m very leery of anything coming from Glycine these days.
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sorry bro. This is ALL MD does, false advertising, regular (or more) prices, and the icing is the two month delivery. It's very hard to believe that a company could suck so badly. Puzzled how they still in business. You should follow up though...false advertising is against the law, and they do it with most of their shit.
MD says this one has a 2 year's manufacturer's warranty with this watch, so hopefully that works if something goes wrong.
Looking forward to get this one. Started thinking about getting a bronze a week ago. - when this dropped, I had to get one.
Nice invicta, I wish they would be able to keep their old emblem. These watches aren't nearly as collectable anymore :(
This watch is a winner. I own 3 other Glycine's and they are very well made and carry excellent design provenance for their active history in military use. I owned one of the large diameter Combat Subs in the past and liked it... but it was just too large for my taste, so I sold it. Now I get the smaller diameter AND in Bronze! Not to be passed up! The bonus here is that MD has practically introduced this watch. It is not widely available through Internet dealers... and those that are selling it are asking much higher prices... So my advice is to go ahead and buy it! Good quality and a true bronze body vs. some that are just colored. I was not compensated for this endorsement!! Unless you want to MD! HaHa!!! ;)
I wish the GLO187 came in a 48mm.
I own one of the SS Combat Sub's, mine has the Arabic numerals. One of the biggest things that bothers me about it, is the color of the lume. It is a pale green color even when not charged, and really clashes with the brownish colored bezel. I have a feeling it will be more of the same with this one, especially given the size of the indices, and how much lume they have. They seem to be too large for the design of the dial to me, I wish they were smaller and that the 24 hour numbers on the inside ring would be pushed out more. I also don't like the red seconds hand, just doesn't fit in at all with the colors.
The one thing holding me back is the thought of the bronze emitting stinky metal smell. Anyone have experience with bronze watches being or not being smelly?
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Hey. I own a Makara Sea Turtle II. In bronze. I can't smell anything.
I own several bronze watches, and provided it’s the same composition is not a problem. No smells.
Is the bezel bronze as well?