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Finally picked mine up today from the post office. Had to pay additional $68 in custom duties/taxes due to importing it to Canada.

Initial impression:

Well worth the price paid, bezel action was good with very minimal play (similar play to bezel of my Seiko monster and samurai). Excellent finishing. Strap is a little bit stiff, looking forward to changing it to the Hisrch strap I got on order for it.
Overall very dressy sports watch so I can see myself wearing it in all kinds of occasions.

PS just got it today so I'll have to update everyone on how it keeps time over next couple days!
I need the support help, because my order was sent to Germany by DHL and from there it was shipped to Brasil instead of Italy (my country). Can someone from the Massdrop staff help me to rescue my shipment??? This is my first order on MD and I little bit frustrated. Thanks
Just arrived. Wear it with proud.
Received the golden eye, no problem found, happily wearing it today:)

what is your wrist size? got mine as well but the strap holes (the maximum) is still too big for my wrist.
I have a small 6" wrist, so I punched two extra holes on the straps in order for me to wear it lol
Got my Goldeneye today, although not an issue, first watch I've got where the stock strap is too big even on the smallest hole!
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I just use some leather tools to punch those holes, but it would be easier to go on eBay search for "Watch strap hole punch".

Here's what mine looks like now

Same here, ahihi
I picked up today the watch from custom office. The watch looks great,
but I can't turn the bezel and I know how to turn a bezel.
This is disappointing!
I've contacted the help center.
I will report.....
UPS! I have forgotten to take off the foil of the mineral. The bezel works like it was described from others, it has a little play.
Got mine today and noticed there is no paperwork included. i though t was supposed to be a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty?! Anyone else get papers? Also mine does have a little play, but not noticible unless you play with it.
I did not get any paper work with my watch either.
First day on my whrist! Thanks Massdrop.
Do anywhone know where to buy the bracelet to GL0093
Hello all. I recieved my Combat sub and noticed three things. :

1. Bezel has significant play when compared to my Seiko samurai.
2. The lume is pitiful when compared to my Seiko Samurai.
3. When hand winding the watch, i can feel the rotor spin. I did some research and have found that this is not supposed to occur.

#1 and #2 have been noticed by others.
#3 Has me worried as it can affect the movement.

I will be contacting Massdrop about this shortly.
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I have same issues, including 3. The guarantee is useless because it is not correctly filled, only date of sale and the name of diler are filled. :-(
Did anyone contact Glycine or Massdrop?
I have contacted massdrop and glycine. Massdrop can only provide full refund. The glycine warranty would require us to pay shipping there and back. I am going to return and get a full refund
I bought the Goldeneye last December and it looked great. Only problem is it just didn't work with my personal style so I'm looking to either sell it or trade it for a GL 0083. If anyone is interested, please reach out directly.
I just got the goldeneye... and while it is nearly perfect... the Bezel has a SLIGHT amount of play... also the Lume runs out VERY quick after charging it with a flashlight at close range for 30 seconds...

The lume i can live with... but is the bezel supposed to have a (admittedly tiny) amount of wiggle?
My bezel has play as well. Glycine claims it is a feature, to prevent sand from getting stuck under the bezel. But from what I've heard not all Combat Subs have play, so I think that's just an excuse.