Massdrop x T0mb3ry GMK Carbon Custom Keycap Setsearch

Massdrop x T0mb3ry GMK Carbon Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x T0mb3ry GMK Carbon Custom Keycap Set

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Hello everyone! I am T0mb3ry designer of Carbon keyset. If you have any questions regarding GMK Carbon R2 just reply below and i will answer as soon as possible. IC thread on GH:

Even if it looks like many kits did not met its MOQ - it is better you join for every kit you want to acquire. After the drop ends you will be able to adjust your order in case one of you desired kits does not make it into production ;) DISCLAIMER The photos (not the renders) on the drop page are showing GMK Carbon from round 1 with tradition rows. In this drop the product will have different function and bottom row. !!!!VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Carbon Cadet kit is not meant as alphas replacement. Its more a novelty kit. Its missing complete number row and several key in the right half of usual alphas. You will not be able to use it as alphas! Its mean to be used with one of the base sets or with GMK Carbon base from the first round.
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Nice. Should I be worried about, say, Boneyard Alphas and the Arrow kit?
Looking to buy base bone set. Email me at
bone stuff. oh yeah
Hell yea. So hype!!!
So much hype indeed!!!
If anyone out there got in on the Bone Base and Boneyard kits and feels buyers remorse, I'd be glad to buy your "spot" in the drop.
Pretty salty about the salt kit
So mad I missed this again. Just started ignoring the Massdrop emails I receive 14 of every day. I setup a special email box with carbon as a keyword for next time so I don't miss it when it runs again in never years. Sad.
You might be able to snag one off of Mechmarket if someone is selling. You never know. I thought this set wasn't dropping again after I missed R1, but lo and behold, I managed to join R2. The same might happen for you, but with R3 instead of R2.
I can't believe I missed this. I requested it, but the I think it popped up just as I was returning from a long trip. ***If there is anyone who changes their mind on this set or that, I might be interested in taking them off your hands. I already tried asking customer service if I could slip an extra order in, but that's a no go. :-(
Bought 3 sets of salty kits, doesn't seem like refunds have been issued. Not a big deal, but as people have been talking about it, figure I will just share this info.
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@YanboWu I also have NOT received the $5 refund in my card as well. I will open a ticket for this.
That is very odd. I will look into this.
@YanboWu Hey boss, when the $10 credit will be awarded?
Should be today sometime!
For those waiting with bated breath, it was confirmed on Geekhack earlier today that only Colevrak and NorDeUK kits are canceled. All other kits will be produced. [Edit: added graph.]

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Heh yeah it'll be crazy for sure. I'll have to enlist some help to get the leftover stuff as soon as it opens... Couldn't get everything before the drop ended as my total was over $800 lol
Oof that's a lot of money. I appreciate your support and i hope you will enjoy the end product ;)
@YanboWu curious whether you get 2 coupons or 1 coupon for $10 by ordering two separate orders.
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Not yet, should happen today.
Thanks Yanbo
So I have just been informed by Massdrop that they are canceling the NorDeUK kit. This is most unfortunate. but not surprising since it didn't reach MOQ (26/50). I can't say I'm not disapointed, because I am. I was one of the very first people to join this drop. I hope Massdrop recognize that NorDeUK enables basic keyboard layouts and should in my opinion be prioritized over for example the Rolling Bones kit or Arrows kit. Also, my order is worth $400 and includes one of the 50 Umka Mods kits and I don't see any other option but to cancel my entire order if the NorDeUK kit doesn't get made, meaning Umka Mods will fall bellow MOQ. I hope they reconcider this decision and somehow finds a way to make the NorDeUK kit and other kits in the same situation a reality!
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I am sorry about NDU kit, bit unfortunate but it is what it is. The sales # aren’t as healthy for most kit. Few of mine are in same boat as well. But I am planning to keep whatever gets made, including Umka.
Yes, the sales numbers are equaly low for half the kits in the drop, yet only NorDeUK and DC get canceled. I mean come on. Usually the NorDeUK or similar kits are very compromised in what keys they include but here is one up on Massdrop that actually covers a lot of layouts and still it is one of only two kits out of 18 that get the axe. Kits like these come around maybe once every second year, while many of the others offered in this drop are sold in other colouring many times each year.
Any updates will be appreciated
made a quick update in my below post! It's rolling along nicely and we should have the final word to everyone before the weekend.
Hey quick note to everyone while everyone is waiting. I'm still sorting through the various kits to see what we can make happen and what's actually too far away. We'll have an update out to everyone affected soon. There are quite a few factors to consider so it's taking a bit longer than usual. Thank you for your patience in the meantime! Regarding Salty Kit - I think there was a price error - we'll get everyone a refund if that was the case. I'd like to get everything addressed together so nothing has happened here even though it's cut and dried. 12/6 Update: Salty kit refunds should be going out today.
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Didn’t see that conversation. Made an order with 3 salty kits separately
Any word on the credits?
any updates?
So, when we can know which kits can be reserved last? Does anyone come out to explain this drop? Hello?
I'm assuming Massdrop is currently working out which Kits are getting made and probably negotiating directly with GMK (the vendor). You are not able to purchase anymore kits from this drop. If you are looking for additional kits you will have to wait for the Re-cap drop and hope the kit you want is included.
What a rigorous German!
@YanboWu & @T0mb3ry , any update on the kits that will be made and those that won't? It's been several days.
Yes, waiting impatiently on this. Hoping that you folks will pull a bunny out on this one and get them all made.
Same here also refunds and coupon issued to buy mito mt3 pls
Can I cancel all the kits I purchased if the Carbon Cadet kit doesn't make it?
That was the implication before the drop ended, yes. People with kits that didn't make MOQ would have a chance to modify their order or cancel.
Once we hear which kits will be made, are we able to add one of those to our existing order? I focused on things that could make it so that is why I didn't add a couple kits.
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Oh, no that is not what I am saying so apologies if that is how it sounded. I want to keep my kits and add more to it from the kits they decided they are going to bring to fruition.
I suspect you'll have to wait for the keycap recap unless some of the kits you did try for didn't make it.
Anyone else get the normal base kit and are hoping Boneyard gets made so they can make, essentially, a "Carbon Nights" board?
"$10 toward your next Massdrop purchase" Anybody actually got this? I wanted to get MiTo Godspeed Minuteman and I don't have the $10 coupon.
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That would contradict the "next Massdrop purchase" part.
When I have gotten them in the past (for the laser alt for instance), they just show up as a $10 discount during checkout of your next purchase. It's possible they haven't been awarded yet?
any idea of when the price adjustment is gonna be?
Salty kit still charged $34.99 even though it hit MOQ - is this a mistake or have we been misled?
43 requests fro redrop, wtf these wankers were doing when we were pleading to join in the drop, Anywho, havent received any emails yet for any kit cancellation, Umka is safe and Cadet will likely get made. I am worried about Beezarre, hoping GMK/MD can negotiate to get rest of kits made as well.
I am one of those "wankers" that pressed the request button, just for lols, even though I participated in this drop. But yeah, still waiting for any updates on the MOQs and order adjustments if needed.
By the way, novelty and salty kits price drop not have been reflected in what’s charged but I guess they will fix later. Not a huge deal.
Massdrop pls pls make bone base and boneyard alpha. Thank you
So what we are concerned about is, when we can know which kits(whether they have reach the MOQ or not) can be reserved last?
In past GMK gbs when kits were cancelled and didn't meet moq, were they charged at first and then refunded? Or not charged at all?
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I'm guessing the kits under 13 orders for 2077 got cancelled? If the kits that were around 45-55 were made, this is looking good then I guess.
Yes, I think only the kits under 13 orders were canceled.
Got charged for every kit I picked I think, meaning all kits will be made regardless of MOQ? In the future Massdrop should be clear whether parts of a drop will be manufactured regardless of MOQs or not. Right now there are folks who have not joined because "my favorite kit will never reach MOQ so why even bother" and now they might feel really shitty about those kits being made after all. Being clear about this would help both the consumer and the seller in terms of getting things they want and getting more orders into the drop.
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It was in the top stickied comment (the very first comment here) for many weeks. People didn't have to browse hundreds of messages as you are antagonistically suggesting.
Massdrop tries to inform everyone of their policy in most discussions. It is in @T0mb3ry's pinned post, for example - "!!!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!!! Even if it looks like many kits did not met its MOQ - it is better you join for every kit you want to acquire. After the drop ends you will be able to adjust your order in case one of you desired kits does not make it into production ;)" @YanboWu confirmed what T0mb3ry said here. And Yanbo has mentioned this in past discussions, for example in the admgc SA Green Screen drop - "No matter the outcome, you'll get a chance to adjust your kits if something in your order will not be made." It sure would be nice if Massdrop made a keycap drop FAQ and posted a link near the top of every drop, answering this and other common questions. Something like this.

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And MD purchased extras and pocked the profit :nice:
Of course Massdrop always purchases extras so they have some stock to solve customer issues that inevitably arise (packages lost or damaged in shipping and handling, issues with kits customers receive, etc.). And for this drop, for example, they might offset some losses from manufacturing kits that don't meet MOQ by purchasing a few more extras and selling them in future Keycap Re-caps. I doubt they are "pocketing extra profit."