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GMK SNES Keycap Set

GMK SNES Keycap Set

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Flashback to the Best Christmas Ever

What did you find under the Christmas tree in 1991? Terminator 2 on VHS? A Lego Metroliner? G'n'R tickets? Or was it the granddaddy of them all, Super Nintendo? Relive the excitement of Christmas ‘91 with these GMK SNES keycaps. The brainchild of intelli78, this long-awaited set of German-quality doubleshot ABS keycaps have been color-matched to the original SNES color palette, breathing new life into a childhood favorite.

Note: With GMK SNES, the base set will include everything except for the Super FX Chip Pack, at checkout you will have the option of also adding the Super FX Chip Pack (+$54.99) to your order. There is a 250 unit MOQ on this. With a price break at 500. We will keep the current order quantity for this pack in this note. For the full experience please allow your favorite SNES soundtrack to play in the background while you scroll through this drop. This is ours.

Current Super FX Chip Packs Added (12/28/2015) - 82

GMK SNES Keycap Set

SNES Console

The 104-key SNES Console kit includes all the fundamentals and works with any standard keyboard (Poker 2/3, QFR, Filco, KUL, etc.).

GMK SNES Keycap Set
GMK SNES Keycap Set

Controller and Winkeyless Cartridge

If you get an SNES, you’re gonna need a controller! The 60% and HHKB pack includes all the keys you need to stylize your 60% keyboard after an SNES controller, plus an accented purple top row. The Winkeyless cartridge is for your SNES console if you own a Korean or other custom keyboard with a vintage-style bottom row and stepped Caps Lock.

GMK SNES Keycap Set
GMK SNES Keycap Set

The Game Genie and PAL support

The Game Genie pack features two keys. A \| symmetry key, and an extra left shift for Leopold FC660M owners. Don’t suffer from regional lockout! If you need PAL instead of NTSC compatibility, we've included this sweet ISO kit.

GMK SNES Keycap Set

Super FX Chip Pack

For an alternative dark color scheme, pick up the Super FX Chip pack. Includes dark modifiers color-matched to the SNES d-pad and RGBY WASD.

GMK SNES Keycap Set
GMK SNES Keycap Set

Everyone, Get in Here!

The SNES sold over 49 million units—but we need only 500 participants to unlock the lowest price of $119.99. Join this drop now to get some gray electronics plastic in your life. Bring back memories of classic games like Super Mario World, Final Fantasy III, Zelda, Earthbound, and more, with the GMK SNES keycap set.

What's Included - Base Kit

Base Set
Included with Base Set
Also Included in the Base Set

Special Compatibility Note: The Console and Controller packs are fully compatible with every layout of the WhiteFox Mechanical Keyboard.

Backlighting Note: Please note that GMK caps may not be fully opaque when used on backlit keyboards.


  • GMK
  • Cherry Profile
  • Cherry MX Stems
  • ABS Doubleshot
  • 146 Key Base Set
  • 41 Key Mod Set
  • Made in Germany


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Estimated ship date is Apr 1, 2016 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.