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Hi guys, any of you who requested this and has been waiting for a long time for shipment? My date of purchase was on 16th April and it is still not shipping...
Same here, purchased April 16th, still haven't received or heard anything as of May 29th.
This is a real let down on Massdrop side. Totally speechless...
Can you tune without plugging in?
tick tock...

Hey MASSDROP- care to chime in? Almost 30 days outside of original scheduled ship date, and no word?
For all who had previously been on this drop: on the last drop, how long was the delivery delay? It seems to be the common topic in this short thread- shipping delay.
Got my shipping notice on Jan 24. 29 days after the original ship date. Documented if anyone has the same question in future drops. Not from me, I'm done with MD. Got no response from them. And no responses here. Slightly better prices are not worth giving up reliability and support from other vendors.
So.... I was in this drop but it canceled because of delivery. But it seems to be getting made and delivered. Not sure what to make of it
Alright so I got this pedal 2 days ago and here are my thoughts.

Size: I've seen a lot of people say this will save you space on your pedal board and I don't see that unless you specifically have an area where you have a single bracket to put something on. It's more or less the size of a normal pedal turned sideways. Might actually cost you more space if its pushing your other pedals over.

Screen: The screen is everything they claim. It's big and easy to read. I am nearsighted with astigmatism. I'm not blind but things get blurry after a few feet. I do not need my glasses to read the screen. It's super bright and its really easy to see.

Build: It seems solid. Not much else to say. I trust this to last.

Tone: Honestly I am the last guy to ask about tone. I have a cry baby and DS1 buffering my signal. On top of that I use over 40 feet of cable to use my amp's effect loop. Couldn't tell if it would affect anything but my guitars sound good through my setup either way.

Why this over a clip on: I wanted a pedal tuner mainly because when I plug my guitar in I just wanna hit a button and tune. It's more hassle to use a clip on and the pedal is more accurate.

Why this over competitors. The big daddies in tuners are the boss TU3 and the polytune 2. Good luck buying those even used at massdrop's $46. That being said at full price I think it's still a comparable tuner but won't have the resell value as the other two. Was looking for the other two myself as I just started gathering pedals a couple months ago and stumbled onto this. No regrets.

(If your wondering why my gogo tuner is at an angle it's because my patch cable is too short and I had committed the bottom right of the board to it either way.)
I bought this for under US$2 delivered:
It's excellent. Ridiculously high quality feel for the price, from the hinges to the clamp rubber. Even includes a battery. Works on the full range of my 9-string guitar. No need to disrupt the audio signal path. No contest, highly recommend this instead.
Does it kill the sound when activated?
Yes..it mutes the sound when activated
Does it work for bass???
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As MIkeGtr replied, this tuner works for all standard bass guitar tunings, from 4- to 6- string basses.

From the GoGo website:
"The Detection Range for this tuner is: A0(27.5Hz) - C8(4186.00Hz)."

The standard tuning frequency spectrum for 4- to 6-string bass guitars can be found in the chart here:
Works gre on bass .. even 5 string. Stanley Clarke uses this model
Anyone use these and has an opinion on their function? Tuning ease, drop tuning, tone change, ect... Never heard of GoGo till today but it looks like just what I need for my first pedal tuner.
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Do you know how these better than the headstock clip tuners? Curious because I just bought one.
Mostly preference is think. The pedal would be better if you're playing live and want your signal muted, and no interference from other sounds.
Arrived this morning :) Nice bit of kit too...Yes about the 9v battery, even comes with one supplied. Very happy with it :)
Any Updates on this please? Or am I not being patient enough :)