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GON NS NerD Crystal TKL

GON NS NerD Crystal TKL

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Custom Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

GON is one of the top keyboard designers in the Mechanical Keyboard community and the winner of the 2014 “Best Keyboard Company or Brand” award from Deskthority. The NS NerD Crystal TKL was the clear winner in the polls for GON Keyboards, and Massdrop is very excited to bring this drop to the community.

Note: This drop is for the keyboard kit that will come with polycarbonate housing and silver non-glare feet and bolts. The NerD TKL PCB will come pre-soldered with diodes and SMD LEDs for white backlighting. At checkout, you will have an option to choose between Winkey or Winkeyless space bar and the option to choose the color of the side LEDs. The side LEDs will not come soldered on and will come in a set of 40. You can also add tuned Cherry MX Switch sets (90 pieces) and a bluetooth module with battery during checkout.

Additional Note: This drop does not come with keycaps or a USB cable and is limited to 300 units.

GON NS NerD Crystal TKL

The Base Kit

The base kit for the keyboard will include the NerD Crystal TKL polycarbonate CNC machined housing. It will also include non-glare silver color bolts and feet along with four rubber bumpons for the feet and housing plate.

The kit will contain a white NerD TKL 2.0 PCB with the controller, diodes, resistors, and on-PCB SMD LEDs pre-soldered. TKL stabilizers will be included in the kit based on the space bar layout chosen during checkout. 40 pieces of side SMD LEDs of your color choice will be included and will require soldering.

GON NS NerD Crystal TKLGON NS NerD Crystal TKL

Optional Add-ons

Sets of Cherry MX Clear, Blue, and Black switches that are individually tuned by GON himself are available during checkout. Note that there is limited availability of each set. The community can also opt in to add a bluetooth option, which comes with a bluetooth module, additional SMD parts that require soldering, and a Li-Pol Battery.

GON NS NerD Crystal TKL


The NerD TKL PCB comes with full NKRO and 6KRO support with a 1000Hz polling rate. The PCB will support in-switch LED, on-PCB led, and side LEDs. It is compatible with both ANSI and ISO layouts and keys can be easily remapped using the NerDy GUI software available on GON's website.

GON NS NerD Crystal TKL


  • Made of polycarbonate
  • CNC-machined in South Korea
  • Individually tuned Cherry MX Switches
  • Keycaps and connecting cable are not included


  • USB Full NKRO & 6KRO support (Toggle)
  • 1000Hz (1ms) polling rate
  • Supports in-switch backlight full LED, on-PCB backlight LED, and side LED
  • Easy key remapping with NerDy GUI
  • Easy and powerful hardware Macro (One Macro can include 1~2000 key inputs. User can save 2000 inputs at "one" key, or smaller chunks of inputs at "70" keys.) User can adjust each delay between key inputs.
  • Supports almost all layouts including ISO.
  • Multimedia keys supported
  • Controller SMD parts soldered and firmware flashed before shipping
  • 1.6T PCB based on NerD controller
  • NerDy GUI Software Offered

Bluetooth Option Set

  • FB155BC_S Bluetooth Module
  • 2 Tantalium caps, 3 resistors (2K, 820, 330), 2 power ICs
  • Battery connect/disconnect and charging indicator LED On/Off slide switch
  • 40mm x 60mm x 3.3T Li-Pol Battery with PCM


All orders will be shipped by Massdrop.

Estimated ship date is July 31, 2015 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.