Good Luck Sock Graphic Socks (2-Pack)search

Good Luck Sock Graphic Socks (2-Pack)

Good Luck Sock Graphic Socks (2-Pack)

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The real tragedy here is the sheer volume of options.
know what you mean. unfortunately, no one around here worth seeing me in my under garments or less for that matter
Bought 2 pairs when this drop was previously offered. The designs are cool and the print quality is good. However I have a couple of issues. First is these socks are incredibly slick. I'm sure it's the synthetic fiber that makes up part of the construction but they are noticeably more slick than my other socks that are made of the same materials. I've only worn them twice (1 wash cycle) so perhaps they will become less slippery over time with additional wash cycles but as of right now they are too slippery inside my shoes for my liking. The other negative is the print image has a washed-out appearance once you put the socks on. This is caused by the threads stretching out over your foot/ankle/leg. Since the image is printed onto a grey background you see the grey showing through as the fibers stretch apart. Perhaps this is a problem with only the particular designs I bought? They still look good but the designs are not nearly as brilliant or deep in color once you actually put the socks on.

Personally I wouldn't spend $18 on 2 pairs again (let alone the $22 I spent the first time). I've only worn one pair because I am considering asking for a refund on the unused pair. As of right now I believe these are not socks of a quality commensurate with the price.
Sounds like you're talking about the active fit socks listed under another drop as opposed to the crew socks in this drop. Those have a sublimated image printed on the sock that seems to fade out when you put them on and they stretch. I have a pair of the crew socks in this drop and they don't have that problem since the designs are stitched into the sock.
Quality socks. I got in on the last drop and am impressed by the print quality.
Question - how high above the ankle do these come please? I usually have problems with socks falling down....
I'm tempted.
And I normally avoid socks above my ankle.
I really have a problem with wearing clothes. :D
do you wear anything at all?
Honestly dude.
I had an electrician over and was in my under clothing. Only because he was there and I refused to get dressed just because.

But for real.
Bear minimum.
I can't stand being restricted. :D
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