Good Luck Sock Sublimated Graphic Socks (3-Pack)search

Good Luck Sock Sublimated Graphic Socks (3-Pack)

Good Luck Sock Sublimated Graphic Socks (3-Pack)

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Are these prints on the outside or the design is embroidered? Asking because if threads are on the inside then it interferes with wearing and the design starts coming apart if my toe gets stuck while wearing.
Just got mine in the mail. I'm quite impressed by the quality feel and look. Can't wait to give them a try.
Well I guess this confirms the distance between millenials and Gen X. These are all just a bit too whimsical for me. And I'm wearing Nasa socks today. Some of the designs are almost good, but there is something off that makes me pause. Especially for the price.
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thats my point.
Well I'm a gen-xer, at the older end of the range. I agree with your Whimsical point on a number of the designs, and also feel they are just a bit off as you put it. But there's plenty that I really like, and in fact I just received my 3 pack in the mail. And they seem like really good quality to boot.
Very nice socks, except the price. Good Luck Sock' s Amazon store has these for $9.95 per pair (with the exception of bill Murray who is inexplicably $13) so it's not like you're getting a much better deal through massdrop. And prime shipping is also available so you're not waiting weeks.
I thought these were a tad pricey, but "needed" whimsical dress socks, and really liked the designs. I finally had an occasion to wear them today, and wow, I'm really impressed with the quality. I normally hate how thin dress socks feel ... these ones feel awesome and are obviously far more quality than I'm used to. I feel like they should last a very long time.
Is the Twin Horses one sold out... or did it just get omitted from the list for some reason?
Really like several of these. Was curious what was the difference between the Active Fit and Crew Socks that they offer and found the following on their website. It appears that the socks offered in this drop are the Active Fit Socks.

What's the difference between Regular Crew socks and Active Fit socks?

Crew Socks

Our regular crew socks are made from an 85% cotton blend with spandex added to the mix to give it the perfect amount of stretch for your feet. They have a reinforced heal and toe to make sure they last long because we hate holes in our socks more than anything else. The designs are knitted into the cotton base. These socks are great for everyday casual wear or when dressing up for that important business meeting.

Active Fit Socks

Our active fit socks are made from combed cotton with mesh vents and a reinforced heel and toe. And to cradle the contours of your feet, the socks sport a Y Gore Seam, deep heel pocket, and an elastic arch band. The active fit socks are thicker than our regular crew socks and are great for every day casual wear, when playing sports, or going for a hike. Are you wondering how we printed those wicked designs on our Active Fit socks? It involves a heat press, heat transfer paper, and special sublimation inks. Because we sublimate the inks right into the sock fibers, they will never lose their color, even after multiple washes. We guarantee it!
Is anyone else as PUMPED as I am for these socks?!
I bought the ostrich pair a bit ago off amazon for about $12-15 i think, so two pairs for $22 seems pretty good to me! As far as the quality goes they're really great socks; soft, warm, comfortable, and the colors and patterns are true to what they depict in the pictures.
DOOOOPE!!!!!!!!! More stuff like this Please.
Love the sad zombie and the skateboarding dinos.
A lot of cool socks, a little expensive for a Massdrop but nothing terrible with free domestic shipping. Problem with this is with such variety and choices it makes it hard to get just a 2-pack (great job on marketing) but lastly it makes it hard to get it shipped in what a customer would think would be a reasonable time frame. October 3rd is about a month away and for a pack of socks seems a bit just interesting . Usually for large bulk orders of electronics or headphones, especially like the 6xx, 7xx, Hifi's, and other's I usually understand the long wait due to the massive bulk amount, however for these socks despite how cool they look it just seems like a long wait for the item.
Hi JamesDeanGoneMean! Thanks for your feedback and interest on this drop. We're happy to see the positive reaction of the community on these. These socks are on hand and should probably ship a bit sooner than October 3rd, but that is our absolute cutting point to get them out to you. As far as being able to order more, you can always add another order to your existing one and get 4 pairs (or 6 or more..). Hope that helps!
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