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Gorilla Aluminum Racing Lug Nuts

Gorilla Aluminum Racing Lug Nuts

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Reduce Wheel Weight in Style

Gorilla Auto Aluminum Racing Lug Nuts are designed to reduce the weight of your vehicle without sacrificing strength. Made from cold forged aluminum, which is 1/3 the weight of steel, they provide a firm and secure hold to last for years to come. Easy to install and remove, they’re also available in a wide range of finish options to complement your car. For something more colorful, choose Red or Blue. For a more classic look, choose Black, Silver, or Titanium finishes.

Note: At checkout, choose between Open End or Closed End lug nuts in Black, Blue, Red, Silver, or Titanium finishes. You will also have your choice of thread pitch between: 12 x 1.25mm and 12 x 1.50mm. Each pack comes with 20 lug nuts.

Gorilla Aluminum Racing Lug Nuts

About Gorilla Auto

With over 40 years experience in the auto accessories industry, Gorilla Auto has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to producing quality products. With a team of committed specialists and a breadth of automotive knowledge, Gorilla Auto delivers a wide range of products including hub covers, gauges, wheel locks, lugs, and others to protect the world’s finest wheels.

Gorilla Aluminum Racing Lug Nuts
Gorilla Aluminum Racing Lug Nuts
Gorilla Aluminum Racing Lug Nuts
Gorilla Aluminum Racing Lug Nuts

Model Options

Silver, Closed End
Black, Closed End
Titanium, Closed End
Red, Closed End
Blue, Closed End
Silver, Open End
Black, Open End
Titanium, Open End
Red, Open End
Blue, Open End


  • Gorilla Auto
  • Material: Cold forged 7075 grade aluminum
  • Seat: 60 degree cone seat
  • Double knurling on open end lug nuts
  • Closed End and Open End: ¾ in hex
  • Closed End Length: 1.50 in (3.81 cm)
  • Open End Length: 2.00 in (5.08 cm)
  • Weight: 0.83 oz each (23.5 g)


  • 20 aluminum racing lug nuts


All parts should be installed by a professional. Massdrop is not responsible for any damage to the vehicle or bodily harm caused during installation.


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Estimated ship date is Nov 10, 2017 PT.

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