Graf von Faber-Castell Luxury Bottled Ink (2-Pack)search

Graf von Faber-Castell Luxury Bottled Ink (2-Pack)

Graf von Faber-Castell Luxury Bottled Ink (2-Pack)

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I'm totally new to fountain pens and inks. I just found out that my new Pilot Metropolitan in Japanese fine and Italix Deacon in Western medium have to use bottled inks- even if they can use refills, I do not know how to swap the mechanism. Should I get this ink? My fingers are itching to try them out. Main concerns would be price to volume ratio and any potential clogging issues, for I do not yet know how to care for and maintain my pens
Here’s a quiz...

Q: When does ink become “Luxury Ink”?

A: When someone is silly enough to pay for it .

B: When it’s packaged in a bottle that costs more than the ink.

C: When MD says so.
I was really hoping Olive Green would have been made available. I would have purchased for sure!
Pity. Once shipping of almost $8 is added, this price per bottle is only a few dollars less than retail.
What about Cognac Brown and Olive Green?
These are fantastic inks, but caveat emptor, although they advertise themselves as document/waterproof inks they do have a soluble component. This means that if you put a wet or sweaty glass on top of your page it will smear badly enough to be unreadable.
If it gets truly wet then there is definitely a permanent part of the ink, but my problem is usually that I splash my page or spill something accidentally when I'm writing in notebook at the same time as having a cup of coffee. For this purpose the ink is close to useless as a "permanent" ink.
They are wet and beautifully colored inks that lay down really well. They take a bit longer to dry than some of the standard inks (Sheafer blue/Quink etc), but are much better than some similar wet inks.
Every fountain pen lover absolutely MUST have this ink in their collection. It writes smoothly, the color palette is exceptional, and the ink has a luxurious feel to it. If you’ve never used this ink before, I highly recommend getting the Black and the Royal Blue. You won’t be disappointed. And then,’ll want to buy every other color in the collection.
When I was doing my six-months abroad in Italy, I took a road trip to Naples and we were hungry, lost and cranky and stopped at a caffè (misspelled!) to recharge and ask for directions. The sun hung low in the air and the sky was changing colors, and the water - the glorious salt water was exactly this shade of blue. I still have dreams about that late afternoon... PS. it's been over 10 years!
Amazing. What kind of glass pen is that? Chipped my glass dip pen and need to see how I can still use it
Any update on a shipping date? It's been two weeks since we were notified of the delay.
This seems like a good deal. As long as shipping charges don't kill it.
Looks like ~$5 savings over Amazon Prime, after $7.75 shipping.

Pity. This is fantastic ink.
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Could we see a swab for violet blue, Massdrop?
Just recently tried the inks from GvFC in cartridge form and I am impressed. Like them a lot from fine to broad nibs they flow wonderfully and look beautiful. Just mulling over the colors.....and I have two pens Boheme and a Mozart that can't take converters, only cartridges....hmmm
Get an ink syringe and you can clean and refill cartridges from bottled ink. Gives you more options.
Yes. Will do. Thanks!!