Grifos Bog Oak Wood Fountain Pensearch

Grifos Bog Oak Wood Fountain Pen

Grifos Bog Oak Wood Fountain Pen

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Dang it. Just missed it
At risk of sounding like a peasant, is there no way of getting the Roller ball pen on its own?
I don't do enough writing to require a fountain pen, but I do need a roller ball pen for life, and love this one...
Hello, have you check in the order phase? I'm not sure but all the choices are there and I presume that there is the roller only choice too.
Best regards from Italy
We've added an option to the fountain pen selection in checkout to allow you to only purchase the rollerball. :) We've also extended the drop another day so that anyone else who wanted this option can join in. Shipping times will not be affected.
Man, this drop couldn't have come at a worse time for me. I wanted it the last time it dropped but had to pass. Couldn't pass again, and this time we got the option for a matching roller ball, which I jumped in on. Shipping is close to my birthday so I can call it an early present to myself. It's my priciest purchase on massdrop with the white gold option which is my first gold nib. The roller ball will be for work use. My expectations are high but seeing the support from the owner I feel really secure with my purchase. March couldn't be further away!
Happy early birthday!

Apologies for the yellow gold photo - this was an error. Due to the overall design and color of the pen's hardware, the gold nib upgrade is a matching white gold. :)
Thanks! I wanted white gold anyway :)
I'm looking forward to this drop. It will be my first "fine" fountain pen and after looking up the Grifos site there is another pen that caught my eye. I did have two questions. The Bog Wood has been Carbon Dated. I'm fine with taking the digital copy from the link but will there be a printed copy in the packaging? The age of the wood makes it an interesting conversation piece. I'm not the most experienced with fountain pens and I opted for the fine nib to go with my fine hand writing. If I find that I would like to change the nib can I order an additional one, that is, if the nib is replaceable?

I'll start by answering my previous question. The pen does come with a copy of the carbon dating. The carbon dating was done in Greek with some English translations. Honestly, that's pretty cool. I'm extremely satisfied with this pen. It's a handsome piece that does get a lot of attention. I ordered my pen with the gold nib in fine and it writes very smoothly. It is fluid but not "wet." If I play with it a little it's easy to get some variation with the line boldness/thickness. I do find that it's good to have a bottle of ink because it's just fluid enough that it will consume its tank relatively quickly.

I'll reiterate how satisfied I am with the pen. I'll be ordering more from Grifos as I've seen a few other models I like.
One of these days I am going to order a Grifos Bog Oak... Stubnib do you do custom nib grinds?
Hello, thank you for your kind words and hooping to add you soon among our customers. While we have a pretty good range of nib points available I must say that no we unfortunately we can't customize your nib as you would like. But I know that over internet there is more then one guy offering such service. Best regards from Aosta Valley, Italy. Maurizio
This is my first order from Massdrop and I'm having a difficult time containing my frlustration. Tracking the item indicated it sat for three days in a warehouse in Pennsylvania. Two more days to get it to Mn. Scheduled for delivery today 5/18/17.
I just received an updated tracking from FedEx informing me the package is now scheduled to be delivered on Monday, May 22.

Massdrop may offer great products and great prices, but to be honest, 10 days to deliver a package fro NJ to WI is BS.
Great poll - posted or not posted! As far as the European angle, I am from the U.S. and I not only prefer not posting, I will not ever post a pen. I just cringe when I see someone with any FP, but especially an expensive FP, post the cap. All I can think of is how much the body of the pen is getting scratched. What about cracking caps? I think you would only get a cap to start splitting if it was a really cheaply made pen, and/or one without cap rings, but any cap is going to scratch the body.

I also agree with the poster who said that the pen may be made to be balanced when the cap is not posted. In this case, your pen may not only be uncomfortable, it may cause other issues with writing sessions as well. Depending on the pen and its materials, the pen may be way too top-heavy. Who hasn't seen at least in a video demonstration, a loose, heavy cap falling off of a pen? Even with that, I would say posting or not posting is a matter of preference. However, at least some pens are designed to be posted if the writer wishes - those with threads on the posting end of the barrel. Personally, I still do not like the look of the cap posted as much as the cap not posted.
Seem that most part prefer use unposted pens and is what we too prefer even if we try to meet all the tastes obviously.
Thank you and if possible we would love know further from you pen users.
Love the pen, it's very nice! However I'm having a hard time with the nib working well. Seems to have flow problems and doesn't consistently flow ink in writing. Adding some pressure helps, but I'm not sure if that's normal. My $15 Lamy doesn't have these issues :( . I'm using Sailor Jentle inks with it.
Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Hello, thank you for your encouraging words on my English! I understand your point of view and I'm glad you like your your 15 $ pen and pleased you have read positive feedbacks on our pens and is for these reasons I would tell you again that there is no reason why you have to keep our pen with defect. We are disposed to fix it even if many months are passed. Just contact me in private ( Google Grifos pen Italy to find our contact) then I will glad to send you a new feeder and nib at your home address. Best from Italy. Maurizio
Thank you, Maurizio. I appreciate that, and will keep it in mind!

Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

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It will be great if MD can post writing examples for different nibs type.
The Fine is just slight finer than a medium faber castel but thicker than Lamy fine. Hope this helps.
Hello, i post a pic with different line and write made with the different nib points. Hooping this could help you! Regards from Italy. Maurizio